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Stephanie attempts to get close to Dr. King in order to find out the location of the facility where he's conducted his experiments, to Jim's chagrin.

Dr. King has Victoria infiltrate the Powell's family in order to learn more about their abilities.  Posing as Stephanie, and later Daphne, she searched through their house for clues.

Jim and George try to track down one of King's reluctant test subjects in an effort to find one who'll flip on King.  They traced a series of phone calls to a location where there was surveillance information on the Powells, which turned out to be Victoria's apartment.  After a brief altercation with Jim, Victoria disappeared into a crowd. Later, George discovers that Victoria was adopted by King as a child.

After her altercation with Jim, Victoria tells King she's been made and he tells her to kill Jim. She alludes to the fact that King wants Jim eliminated because he has feelings for Stephanie.  Posing as George, she goes to the lair and shoots Jim, who survives.  Jim went to the lab and Victoria intercepted him as Stephanie, where he referenced his allergy to her lipstick.  At the house, Victoria confronts Jim as Stephanie and kisses him with the lipstick which removes his powers, then morphs into Jim and they fight, killing Victoria.

J.J. tries to solve the murder of Natalie's mom by working together with Daphne to trace the origin of a locket she saw someone wearing that had belonged to her mother.  This led them to a dangerous confrontation with a man who had an affair with Natalie's mother and his wife, who murdered her.  After Daphne called for help, Jim came to their rescue.

Katie tries on her own to recreate King's serum to help Joshua until they can figure out the cause of his dependence, but Stephanie catches her in the act.  Katie tells Stephanie that Joshua has abilities, so Stephanie goes to him and offers to help, but threatens that he should never hurt Katie.

Stephanie calls upon Joshua to help dispose of Victoria's body.  Joshua clues them in that they're involved in something bigger that exceeds just King.  Using the knowledge that King has feelings for her, Stephanie convinces King that she is Victoria and suggests bringing "Stephanie" into his confidence, and he agrees.

No Ordinary Family
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No Ordinary Family Season 1 Episode 15 Quotes

King: She can move at remarkable speed and with his strength he can move...anything he wants.
Victoria: Quite the power couple.

That is so unfair. She never changes her mind when I beg. You must be the Mom Whisperer or something.