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This week on No Ordinary Family:

-The family shows Daphne her powers to help her remember. George alerts Jim of an museum thief and Jim shows up to a museum to confront the thief.

- Jim saves a mans life, who later shows up at the Powells to thank him with his family, the Cottons. Stephanie agrees to go to dinner with said family. Daphne and their daughter get along, and she tells Daphne to run for student president. JJ and their son get into a fight at school, winning JJ the girl.

- Jim finds out the Michelle is the thief. Stephanie talks Michelle into turning herself in, but Michelle gets herself shot while trying to protect Stephanie during a back-ally meeting.

- Katie tells Stephanie she’s still a virgin, and is afraid to tell Joshua. She tells Joshua after a date and he leaves. Joshua tells Dr. King he’s done working for him, and that Katie is a better reason to live than his powers.  Katie loses her virginity to Joshua and finds Stephanie’s lost scientific journal in his jacket.

No Ordinary Family
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No Ordinary Family Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Back in high school. I decided I was going to wait for the one. Like Morpheus waited for Neo in the Matrix, but with sexual relations. I waited so long for him, that at some point I never quite stopped waiting.


Katie: Have you ever had somebody look at you like they are looking into your prefrontal cortex?
Stephanie: Aww Katie, you're in love.