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This week on No Ordinary Family...

- Jim is walking in the park looking for crime. He finds two people fighting and the attacker gets shot by someone who runs away. Jim brings the injured attacker to the hospital and leaves him there with a note saying he should be arrested. The news covers it.

- Jim and JJ plan camping for his grades, and Stephanie worries about JJ wanting to emulate Jim. The plans gets postpones because Jim wants to fight crime. JJ watches football practice, sees mathematic formulas for their movements, and decides to try out for the football team.

- Stephanie arrives at work and meets her new partner, and Daphne uses her powers to get information about a party. JJ’s teacher is still questioning his grades and JJ blames the shock of the plane crash.

- George and Jim decide to pursue the shooter and try to find him at a bar. Jim visits the bar later that night and finds the shooter. He asks him why he’s at the bar and not home with his family.

- Stephanie and Katie find an identical gene in the plant for research and their DNA, and Jim is scared to compare himself to the vigilante, and finds himself at the scene of another shooting, in which witnesses accuse him of causing. The witnesses show up at the police station and describe a sketch that matches Jim. George calls in the man they met at the bar for a lineup.

- JJ tries out for the team and at first practice nails it due to his powers. He earns a spot on the team. His teacher oversees him making the team, and quickly calls his parents and Stephanie and Jim go to the school. The teacher tells them JJ is on drugs, and to question what secrets he’s keeping.

- JJ, Jim, and Stephanie have a meeting and JJ finally admits he has powers, but cries over the fact that they can’t just be happy for him. Jim regrets asking, and Stephanie and Jim talk about his obsession with his job.

- Stephanie’s new partner finds her research on something other than the plant, but attributes it to another scientist. Katie finds out that the doctor Stephanie was researching is dead due to what he was trying to uncover.

- Daphne and her friends go to the party, and Daphne sees JJ there. They argue about using their powers to get ahead. Daphne uses her mind-reading powers to buy booze to keep the party going. She gets busted and Stephanie and Jim get furious. JJ sticks up for her and lets them know he was at the party, too.

- Jim and Stephanie fight about who should be there for the kids, when both of them are working.

- A family talk takes place and JJ denies his powers, and the family goes to JJ’s football game. JJ wins the game on false pretenses, and Meyers is shot.

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No Ordinary Family Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

George: I'm just trying to protect your identity. If enough people say they got busted by Mr. Clean it's just a matter...
Jim: Okay. I'm bald. I get it.

Who's it going to hurt if you let this one slide? The crack-head community?