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This week on No Ordinary Family...

- Jim and George talk about his powers. He’s upset about not being able to protect his family. Jim uses his powers to get to the tuxedo shop on time in order to make it to wedding. The wedding gets robbed and the gunmen want all jewelry and wallets. The gunman take Stephanie’s ring and Jim follows them and tries to use his powers to catch them. His powers couldn’t help him reach the gunmen.

- Stephanie and Jim talk about his powers, she tells him that all he has is power he doesn’t know what to do with. Jim goes off to find Stephanie’s ring.

- At school, JJ is maintaining a B+ average, and catches the attention of a girl, earning him a Friday night study date. JJ has been doing Daphne’s homework in exchange for her keeping his secret.

- Daphne reads her friend Megan’s mind, who needs to not be alone and agrees to go to her house. Daphne hears her Megan’s thoughts about her parents and accidentally talks about it. Megan gets upset and leaves. Daphne gets upset because her parents tell their friends about their powers but she can’t.

- Stephanie’s research gets approved by Dr. King for an experiment, and the insurance they are taking on her requires a physical. If her blood work is taken, her powers will be revealed. Katie took Stephanie’s ID badge and got her blood taken for her, but the comparison will fail. Katie helps Stephanie retrieve the blood work.

- Stephanie and Jim bring over George and Katie to listen to Daphne’s problems, but Daphne isn’t interested. She wants to tell her friend. JJ wants Daphne to use her powers to find out if a girl is interested in him in exchange for an AP essay. Daphne finds out the girl thinks JJ is nice, but also a tool. Daphne goes to George for advice on JJ’s crush, and ends up lying to JJ.

- Jim and George go wedding crashing and pretend to be doctors in order to catch the thieves when they arrive. There’s a false alarm and Jim ruins the wedding. George attempts to teach Jim how to dance.

- Daphne hears her father lie to her in his thoughts, telling her he’s going to work when he’s really going to a hotel wedding. Stephanie retrieves her blood sample. Jim and George hit another wedding, where Daphne shows up, and Jim finally catches the gunman.

- Back home, Jim has to face Daphne and Stephanie. Daphne takes off to Megan’s house to apologize and changed her mind about sharing her secrets with Megan. George retrieves Stephanie’s wedding ring, and returns it to Jim.

- Dr. King noticed that a card was swiped when Stephanie retrieved her blood, and saw a lightning quick movement on the lab camera.

- Jim flies Stephanie to a rooftop dinner.

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No Ordinary Family Season 1 Episode 3 Quotes

We've got some weddings to crash.


You're just some very strong man putting himself in dangerous situations, who doesn't know what to do with them once he gets there.