No Ordinary Family Review: "No Ordinary Vigilante"

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Do you want to be a parent, or do you want to be a vigilante? -Stephanie

Another week, another fight between Jim and Stephanie on No Ordinary Family, as the couple went at it about the former's crime-fighting obsession. It’s funny how she was absent most of the time before she discovered her powers, but as soon as Jim disappears for a bit, she gets upset.

Jim and George

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Jim got quite the slap in the face by Meyers on "No Ordinary Vigilante," who admittedly inadvertently "killed his son" by neglect. I’d really like to see more action happening in the family dynamic instead of the continuous banter between Jim and Stephanie. Take some action, heroes!

I think this new lab partner of Stephanie’s is a danger to her secret research with Katie. He digs, and he digs well. Katie is going to need to get a little better at cleaning up after she researches.

I felt true sympathy for JJ this week, as he has a power that isn’t as obvious as the others, and just wants to feel accepted as a regular kid, instead of a "girl-sized" uncoordinated dimwit. It was nice to see Jim actually feel remorse for asking JJ if he had powers or if he was on drugs. Surely, something had to have caused him to act normal. At the end of this episode, we got a glimpse of JJ’s doubt, a nice change from being thrilled for winning the football game

Daphne’s situation was adorable, as well. She did what any 16-year old would do with mind-reading powers: try to get into a party thrown by seniors. I am a bit confused about the cashier calling the police. If the cameras can catch an underage girl trying to buy booze, it can catch the cashier stealing money, right?

So, to summarize the episode: we have a a new partner for Stephanie and JJ keeping his abilities a secret. I understand where he is coming from, but what difference does it make? Also, isn’t Stephanie actually acting like a scientist and not wondering more about her son's lack of powers?

No Ordinary Vigilante Review

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George: I'm just trying to protect your identity. If enough people say they got busted by Mr. Clean it's just a matter...
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