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This week on No Ordinary Family...

- A family is cooking dinner when burglars attack the family. George calls Jim to tell him about the family and Jim goes to investigate and meets the wife and the son, Trent. Jim recognizes Trent from Daphne's school. Daphne approaches Trent and finds out that her powers are different, she can see images from peoples minds when she touches them. Daphne tells Jim and Stephanie that she saw what Trent saw.

- Stephanie's parents show up, and take Jim and Stephanie are shaken up. Stephanie wants to keep their powers a secret from her parents and Jim wants to show them off. When Stephanie and Jim go out for the day, Stephanie's parents investigate and find their supernatural evidence.

- The family meets and talks about their powers and make a plan to make things appear normal. George talks Jim into sneaking out to find the newest invasion. Allen sees Jim sneak out and gets suspicious.     `

- Daphne approaches Trent again to see if she can find out more about the invaders. She sees the threats that the invader made to Trent. Daphne goes to the police station to tell Jim about the burglar. Jim doesn't want her to get involved, but Daphne talks him into letting her help. Jim talks his boss into keeping the image of the burglar a secret for Trents sake, but his boss releases it anyway.

- Stephanie takes her mother, Barbara to her laboratory and then to lunch while JJ and Allen play pool for money. JJ withholds his powers so his grandfather doesn't suspect anything but when Allen insults both JJ and Jim, Jim tells him to kick his ass in pool. Stephanie and her mother have a heated conversation about her life. Allen bets JJ his car that he can't win the game in one shoot. JJ wins.

- George stake out Trents house while Allen accuses Jim of cheating. Stephanie fights with her father and tells him she doesn't even want him to know them, followed by her running to the Grand Canyon to take a breather.

- The burglar goes to Trents house and goes to shoot him when Jim jumps to the rescue. Jim asks Trent to keep his secret and the next day at school Daphne talks to Trent. Trent keeps Jims promise, and tells Daphne he thinks someone is watching over him. Stephanie and Jim talk about their powers and how it's time to stop running from who they really are. Allen overhears everything that was said.

- Stephanie's parents leave on a good note, still oblivious to superpowers. Daphne gets Allen's car until JJ is old enough to drive. The car breaks down in the middle of nowhere and the family uses their powers to fix it.

No Ordinary Family
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No Ordinary Family Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

JJ, looks like you and our Pekingese use the same barber.


JJ: I just want to let you know that your daughter tried to read the thoughts of a stray dog today.
Daphne: I just thought I could help him find his way home!