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Xavier thinks there is a conspiracy happening when he sees a car falling him. Two men chase him, letting him know that his debit has caught up with him. He doesn't want to tell Evie, instead trying to give back everything that he bought on his card. He shares with Evie a bit more of his past, specifically his relationship with his father. 

Kareema asks Evie for her help, she has to be nice to her brother and his bride which she isn't sure she can do. Things get worse when Kareema realizes that she has a crush on her future sister in law, something she tries to forget about. But it gets complicated when Sophia tells her that it's a green card marriage. It only gets worse when Kareema's brother tells her that he developed feelings for Sophia, hoping that she would later learn to love him too.

Evie's next item on her list is to repay her parents. When she notices that her mother isn't happy but is quiet about it because her father is happier than ever, Evie focuses on bringing back their spark. A pirate cruise doesn't work but recreating their first New Year's together proves to be a success. 

Hank meanwhile focuses on his relationship with Deirdre, trying to find something in common between them to make them work better. 

No Tomorrow
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No Tomorrow Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

They could be reading your lips, talk without moving them.


It's hideous. We'll take it.