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Evie tells Xavier that she loves him while he is brushing his teeth and starts to panic when he doesn't react. At work, the head of the company comes to visit and Evie makes it her mission to get a job at Cyberhugs. Sadly the boss announces that due to budget cuts he has to shut that department down.

Evie then decides to attend an invitation only party to convince him to change his mind. But Deirdre figure out that Evie is using her to go to the party so she uninvites her as her plus one. Evie ends up sneaking in with Xavier, Mary Anne, Hank and Kareema as a fake band. They perform and catch the boss's attention, scoring Evie the position she thought would be gone soon.

Xavier is looking for a new job, which ends up leading him to Mary Anne who needs a painter. He paints her house but things don't go wel' when her son decides that Xavier is more fun.

Timothy is presenting at a TedTalk type event but he's nervous that he won't be able to speak. Hank tries to help, and that works but only when Evie walks in to support Timothy. Her being there helps Timothy get through his social anxiety but makes him realize that he isn't over her.

Deirdre and Hank decide to stay away from each other at work, because when they don't they end up having sex in places where they can get caught. The idea turns on them when Deirdre's boss decides that she's racist because she is avoiding Hank at all times. They have to meet with a counselor, where they reveal their relationship.

No Tomorrow
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