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The friendship between Kevin and Eddie grew stronger this week. Even after Jackie approached her ex in his drug store and warned him to stay away from her family, Eddie just ratched up his quasi stalking.

He invited Kevin to a Mets game, which caused the latter to cancel date night with Jackie. She seems to really be losing it at the idea of Eddie getting close to her husband, which is understandable. But she also admits to O'Hara that she may still love Eddie.

Fortunately, Jackie has something to sort of distract her this week: she helps a critically ill patient fight his sickness by actually creating a bong from an apple. Against Coop's wishes, Jackie helps this man take marijuana because it's illegal to prescribe in New York. She even ends the episode in the man's apartment, delivering home-made goodies with pot inside.

In other storyline developments:

- O'Hara sleeps with Sam! In the chapel!

- Zoey is in a bad mood and we eventually learn why: she's afraid she's pregnant.

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Nurse Jackie Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Eddie: You have a lot of pent-up anger.
Jackie: You have no idea.

My house? My kids? Are you out of your fucking mind?