Stand Together - Nurses
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Grace deals with the backlash of going public. Dr. Hamilton steps down. Kabir and some female lawyers will not help him.

Grace's patient, Lily, is a model and instagram star. She has the Brocca gene, and is getting her breasts removed. She needs it kept a secret. Her boyfriend takes pictures. Grace suggests he sits in for her psyche evaluation, but she wants Grace there. Lily is worried about what getting her breats removed will mean for their relationship. In the end, Grace convinces her to be transparent. 

Ashley's patient, Remo, needs eye eurgery. She promises to be there. Ashley notices Sinead's drinking and mentions it to Detective Walker when he stops by. Sinead reassigns Ashley to inventory, saying she'll handle Remo. Because she's been drinking and newly on the case, Sinead marks the wrong eye as slated for removal. Ashley bribes security to see the feed of the pre-op room and runs in just in time to stop them cutting the wrong eye. She covers for Sinead and says it was her. Ashley walks Sinead to rehab.

Dr. Banks might be pregnant. Naz learns of it and must keep quiet. The test is negative.

Naz and Dev take a pasta making class.

Wolf treats an old man, Roy, who is cleared for a large amount of morphine. Red tells Wolf to pocket some of it, or he'll report Wolf for the previous drugs he sold. Wolf does it, reluctantly. Roy's doctor, Doctor Laidlaw approved him for euthanasia, but his with Sol won't hear of it. When the morphine won't take his pain, she caves. Wolf feels guilty for stealing the morphine. He punches out Red to get it back. Roy decides to live. Red beats Wolf up.

Grace and Evan kiss.

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Nurses Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Detective Walker: What is is?
Ashley: Uh, nothing.
Detective Walker: Ashley, I'm a trained interrogator. You just scratched your nose and looked down. Tell me. please.

Naz: Does Keon know?
Dr. Banks: You know about Keon?
Naz: Everybody knows about Keon.