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Billy and Cody Lefever are a young couple with a dream to open a chain of Laundromats. Their friends and family have invested over $35K to help them achieve their dreams. At their going away party, Cody’s mom presents her with a locket… a special family heirloom that belonged to her grandma. 
On the way to North Dakota, all of their dreams are shattered when a car accident leaves them with nothing, all of their washers and dryers destroyed. Cody wants to go home, but Billy, an optimist, insists on staying. He never insured the equipment. They can’t just turn back now, with nothing.
They head to Rock Springs, an up and coming oil boomtown. The town is overflowing with vagrants and opportunists, all desperate to make money on the oil for their dreams. They head to a local bar, and meet Jules, a bartender who sends them to the Patchwork Motel to stay. 
Before they can head to Patchwork, a riot breaks out outside the bar. We meet Wick Briggs, an entitled and arrogant young man who has ridden into town with a dead white moose, one that he himself is bragging of hunting. The local Indians are angry and tell Wick that he is cursed for killing a spirit animal. The sheriff shows up and arrests Wick for being drunk and disturbing the peace. 
When Billy and Cody arrive at Patchwork, they realize that this is no hotel… campers are set up everywhere, and they have nothing and nowhere to sleep. They happen upon Kass and Ada, an incredibly kind young couple with children who want a better life. They want to make money in order to fund a restaurant. They invite Billy and Cody into their homes and feed them.
Cody is going to find work in the morning. Those washing machines aren’t going to replace themselves.
A man who works for his father bails Wick out of jail. He arrives at the Briggs family ranch. We meet Hap Briggs, the man who runs Rock Springs. Briggs Oil is the lifeblood of the town. Hap is hard on Wick. He’s not proud of him or of the way he trashes the family name. He doesn’t want to hand down his legacy to Wick unless he’s earned it. Wick sees it as a slight, assuming that his stepmother is to blame. Hap tells Wick that’s he’s going to start pushing mud in the morning.
Billy also takes a job pushing mud. How hard can it be?  Meanwhile, Jules, also a realtor and we find out, the owner of the bar, shows Cody exactly how expensive it is to live in Rock Springs. 
Carla Briggs arrives on a helicopter and tells Hap that there is a new plot of land that they need to acquire that will make them even richer than they already are. 
Billy and Wick work together pushing mud. While Billy is working hard shoveling, Wick is doing nothing but running his mouth. He tells Billy that pushing mud is a waste of his time. 
While at the pharmacy shopping, Cody overhears the pharmacist having a hard time helping customers. She shares some expertise about coconut oil for eczema, and the pharmacist immediately hires her. Turns out, she went to pharmacy school for two years prior to moving to Rock Springs with Billy. 
Wick is moving a truck on the oil field and is about to knock down a tower. Billy attempts to stop him, but Wick won’t listen and takes the tower down. The foreman fires Billy, and Hap shows up to teach Wick a lesson. He cuts him off financially and tells him that he doesn’t deserve to be his son. 
Billy heads home and is surprised by Cody’s surprise. She’s bought them a trailer and decorated it with Christmas lights. Billy breaks the news that he’s been fired. Cody is unhappy… it was only his first day. He assures her that things will be OK. He will do anything to take care of her. That was his promise to her.  
At a Briggs family party, Carla and Hap meet with Myron the commissioner. Carla blackmails the commissioner to get Hap the report he needs about the richest oil lands in the area. Through the report, they find out that there is a tiny property of land that they need to buy to get into the land where they can make their money. The owner is at the McCutching Ranch. They just need to buy the property from him, and they’re set to make millions upon millions.
Cody overhears a customer at the pharmacy talking on the phone with Hap, promising to buy the McCutching property. She formulates a plan.
Wick arrives at Jules’s place. The pair seems to be romantically involved. He tells her that Hap has cut him off. She tries to find the spin on the situation. Wick decides that this was a  good thing. IF you take money from Hap Briggs then he owns you. Wick wants to make his own way. There are other ways to make money. He will get what’s his. 
Cody shares her new information with Billy. They have an idea. If they can buy that land before Briggs, then Briggs will have to pay them top dollar for the land. They can make their money back and more. 
After meeting with the owner of the McCutching land, and getting his price, Billy immediately gets to work, using credit and quick thinking to get  $75,000 in order to pay for the land. 
When he brings the money home to Cody, she’s upset that he needed to use credit. He can’t understand why she’s so upset. She tells him that she is pregnant. Billy is overjoyed, but Cody is suddenly having second thoughts about their plan and about staying in Rock Springs. 
When they return to the owner of the McCutching ranch, it turns out that the Briggs people have been to see him. He knows what they’re up to. He wants to screw the Briggs family though, so he is willing to sell to Billy. The price of the property has gone up, however. Billy and Cody need $25,000 more. Cody wants to back home. She and Billy argue about what their next course of action should be. She promised him that they’d stay a year. It’s been just a week. Cody doesn’t want to hear it. She says she’s leaving in the morning. 
Wick meets with a man who can help him make his money. Wick comes up with a plan to siphon oil from his father. He has the access. He just needs a partner with the equipment. 
While Billy laments about how he will make another $25,000 to buy the land, Cody sees a Laundromat, and remembers what the plan was. She has a change of heart. Putting her prized necklace from her mother as collateral, a necklace that is made of platinum and diamonds, they get the money they need from Jules, and bring it to the ranch owner just in time and secure the land for themselves. 
Hap and Carla invite Billy and Cody over for dinner to make a deal for the land. Cody shows off her great negotiation skills. After some hard deals, they settle on the $1.1 million for the land, plus 5% interest on what the Briggs make on the oil from the land. 
Billy and Cody head back to Patchwork, after cashing their big check, and give Kass and Ada a check for $50,000 to repay them for their kindness, and help them start their restaurant. They move into their new apartment, complete with a nursery for their new unborn baby. Billy also presents Cody with her necklace back.
Hap picks up the Lefevers, he wants to show them something, and celebrate their new partnership. Hap shares with Billy that he’s impressed by him. He wishes his own son was more like Billy. Carla pops champagne. They arrive at the land, and find that a truck is already there. The truck belongs to Wick, who is already working on his siphoning. 
Hap takes the keys from the truck, and calls for the thieves to step forward. Wick, wearing a ski mask, points a gun at his father. Cody and Carla call the police. Oil is pouring out onto the ground. Billy jumps onto Wick, just before Wick is about to shoot Hap. Hap watches as Billy fights with Wick (though he doesn’t KNOW it’s Wick) and they all tumble into the oil. 
Sparks begin to shoot off of a light that has been hot by a stray bullet. The lit ash falls into the oil, and a fire erupts. 
Blood and Oil
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