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-Many years ago in Agrobah, Jafar was abandoned by his father the Sultan because he was his bastard child. Jafar approaches a powerful with to teach him magic to use in his revenge against his father.

-After many years, he and the witch become lovers and he learns that the power of three genies can help change the rules of magic. Then he turns the witch into his serpent staff.

-In Wonderland the Red Queen captures the Knave and despite her anger towards her old flame, she tries to set him free before Jafar can kill him.

-Alice and LIzard (an old friend of the Knave's) try to rescue him but in order to get Jafar to stop, Alice uses a wish. She wishes that if the Knave should die, so should she. Instead Jafar turns the Knave to stone. He'll find a way to make her use the other two wishes.

-Alice begs the Red Queen for help but she refuses. Alice is shocked the queen doesn't throw her in her dungeon. The Red Queen tells her that Wonderland is her prison.

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland
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Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Or we could just pick him up by the feet, dangle him from a cliff until he tells us everything that he knows.


There's a thing called the front door, darling. You really should try it sometime.

The Red Queen