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-Red Riding Hood decides to hunt down the wolf so that she can run off with her boyfriend. When she follows the tracks , they lead her to believe that her boyfriend Peter turns into the wolf during the full moon.

-Red chains up Peter to save him. Unfortunately, she is the one who turns into the wolf and devours Peter. Granny finds her and throws the red cloak over the wolf. The cloak is magic and turns her back into Red.

-In Storybrooke, Ruby and Granny have a falling out and Ruby quits. She takes a job helping Emma at the Sheriff's office. While searching for Kathryn, Ruby finds a box with a human heart inside.

-Ruby is horrified and decides to go back to Granny's diner.

-Emma sends the heart out to be tested but finds Mary Margaret's fingerprints inside the box and has to arrest her.

Once Upon a Time
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