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-Kathryn gets into law school in Boston. David tells Mary Margaret he's going to tell Kathryn the truth but he only tells her he can't connect with her and she should go to Boston without him.

-Regina tells Kathryn about David and Mary Margaret's affair. Kathryn storms into the school and confronts Mary Margaret telling her that David never even told her the truth. Mary Margaret is stunned and the whole school hears the torrid story.

-Mary Margaret is devastated and breaks up with David since he continues to lie to her.

-The mystery writer tells Emma his name, August W. Booth. He has taken Henry's book apart and is putting it back together.

-August takes Emma out for a drink…at a well. He says the water is said to come from a magic lake from which if you drink the water, what you've lost will be returned.

-Later, Emma finds the box with Henry's book in a pool of water near her car and give it back to Henry.

-Prince Charming flees the kingdom but Abigail finds him. She doesn't want to marry him. Her true love, Frederick was turned to gold while saving King Midas. The only way to break the curse is to retrieve water from the magic lake but the lake's guardian kills all who try.

-Charming goes to the lake and finds it guarded by a siren who turns herself into Snow White to lure him to his death. When he is dragged under the water, he grabs a knife on the bottom and stabs the siren, freeing himself.

-The magic water frees Frederick and Charming continues on to find Snow White.

Once Upon a Time
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