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-In the fairy tale past, the mermaid, Ariel saved Snow from drowning in the sea. Snow vows to help Ariel find her true love Prince Eric on land in the 12 hours Ariel has with magical legs.

-Ariel and Eric dance at a ball but he's leaving on a trip in the morning. Snow encourages Ariel to tell him the truth but when Ariel save Snow from the Evil Queen once again, she steals Ariel's voice so she can't call out to Eric.

-In Neverland, the group must share dark secrets to save Neal. Hook admits his feelings for Emma. Snow tells Charming she wants another child. Charming tells Snow about his dreamshade infection and that he can't leave Neverland.

-Emma releases Neal but confesses that she wished him being alive was a trip because it hurts too much to risk losing him once again.

-Regina shows Rumpel that his vision of Belle is a manipulation of Peter Pan's. They decide to fight Pan together but Rumpel needs something from his shop in Storybrooke.

-Regina calls on Ariel. Mermaids can jumps realms and she offers Ariel legs if she goes to Storybrooke for them.

Once Upon a Time
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Once Upon a Time Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

He has his reasons but it's a sure bet they're not good ones.


Regina: You're such a pathetic waste of ability.
Emma: And you're a monster.