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In the past, Belle meets Gaston. She’s heard he’s the vainest man in all the land but finds him more likable than she expected. Her father wants her to marry Gaston so that his kingdom will help them fight the Ogre war. 

On a walk, they find a young ogre. Belle convinces Gaston not to turn him in to her father because his soldiers will torture him but the ogre escapes before Belle gets back. Gaston leads a hunting party to kill it but Belle follows and stops him. She uses a magic mirror to find out if the ogre is evil and it shows that Gaston is the one with evil behind his eyes. He admits to torturing the ogre before Belle returned. Belle lets the ogre go free. 

Later, ogres breach the kingdom’s boundaries and war begins. Belle’s wants her to marry Gaston to join their armies and give them a fighting chance. Belle agrees in order to end the war. 

In the Underworld, Belle wants Rumple to help her save their unborn child from Hades but doesn’t want him to use dark magic to do it. She hopes that someday he will be able to wield the power of the dagger for good. 

Hades finds a flower growing in the Underworld and he’s upset. 

Hades gives Gaston arrows to take down Rumple. Rumple wants to use dark magic to take out Gaston. Belle wants to help Gaston to move on from the Underworld and she believes that she is Gaston’s unfinished business. 

Hades tells Belle that if she steps aside and Gaston or Rumple throw the other in the River of Lost Souls he’ll take the mark off of her baby. Belle goes to Gaston anyway and finds out that he’s angry at her. He thinks that falling for her made him weak and that’s why he’s here. 

Rumple tries to throw Gaston off the pier into the River of Lost Souls but Belle stops him. She says she does love him for who he is but she takes the dagger and won’t let him kill Gaston. Gaston immediately tries to shoot Rumple with one of the poisoned arrows. Belle pushes him to stop him and he falls into the River. 

Hades shows up and says that the deal hasn’t been met because Belle pushed Gaston on the river, not Rumple. Belle is heartbroken. Hades is thrilled when he sees a flower wither and die. Later he sends one of the dead flowers to Zelena. She smiles. 

Emma has a nightmare of a storm bringing a creature that attacks and kills her mother. When she realizes the dream is coming true she convinces Hook and Snow to run and hide. They meet up with Regina who thinks the dream isn’t a prediction but a sign of Emma’s underlying fears. Emma admits to Hook that she’s terrified that she made a mistake not coming to the Underworld along and that she’s put her loved ones in danger. 

Emma, Hook, Regina, and Snow find the creature that came in the storm. It turns out to be Red Riding Hood. 


Once Upon a Time
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