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Regina grieves for Robin as everyone gathers after his funeral. Emma worries about telling Regina that Killian is alive while Robin is dead.

Gold plans to use the Olympian Crystal to try and wake Belle. He uses it to cast a tethering spell to Storybrooke’s magic. Emma wonders if Regina should sit out the mission of trying to stop Gold. Regina is upset that Emma seems to think she’ll slip back into her evil ways and decides to try and fix things on her own.

Emma tells Henry to go home and stay safe but he goes to Gold’s store instead. Henry decides that all magic is bad and that he has to stop it. He asks Violet to come on a road trip with him to end magic. He calls it Operation Mix Tape. He uses the Author’s pen to take the Olympian Crystal from Gold. Since all of Storybrook’s magic is now tethered to it, he thinks if he destroys it, he will solve all of their problems. 

Gold points out that Storybrooke was built on magic and it and all of its inhabitants may be destroyed if Henry goes through with his plan. It becomes a race to see who will find Henry and take possession of the Olympian Crystal first. 

Robin wrote a letter to Regina when he went back to Marian (actually Zelena), about how proud he was that she’d accepted love and changed. 

Now that Henry has gone to New York City with the crystal, magic will work outside of Storybrooke. In New York City, Henry and Violet he heads to the rare books section of the library where he finds several books that look just like his, with stories he’s never seen. 

They find a chalice that looks like the Holy Grail’s twin. If the Holy Grail was the beginning of all magic, this is the end of it. But Gold finds them, uses a spell to put them to sleep and takes the Olympian Crystal back. 

Zelena opens a portal to send all of the visitors back to their original homes, including sending Roland to live in Sherwood Forest with the Merry Men. But when Zelena tries to close the portal again, it pulls the heroes through because Henry has taken the crystal out of Storybrooke. They all end being taken prisoner and must give their broken magic wand to the gardner in the hopes that he can fix it and break them out. 

Emma and Regina find Henry and Violet. Henry doesn’t tell them about the Grail. They must find Gold but he’s using the crystal to block their magic. 

The gardner turns out to be Dr. Jeckyll and their warden is Mr. Hyde but the heroes have no idea they are the same person. My Hyde plans on getting the heroes to take him back to Storybrooke as Dr. Jeckyll. Hyde opens a portal but instead of taking the Olympian Crystal, he gets Pandora’s box with Belle inside. He plans to use it to get the Dark One to do his bidding. 

Once Upon a Time
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