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In present day Storybrooke.Zelena heads into town to find Regina and sends Hades and her daughter to lie low in Regina’s office. King Arthur escapes his prison runs into Hades who kills him and sends him to the Underworld.

The heroes are reunited in Storybrooke, minus Hook. Regina explains to Zelena that Hades tricked everyone but Zelena doesn’t believe her.  

Emma wants to run off and take on Hades but David stops her and tries to make her face her grief over Hook before diving into another mission. 

Rumplestiltskin finds Belle’s father to ask him to give her true love’s kiss to wake her up but he refuses. He’s rather her be asleep forever than awake with Rumple. 

Emma goes to Rumplestiltskin and asks if he knows how to kill Hades. 

In the Underworld, Hook teams up with Arthur to find a way to defeat Hades. Hood looks for the story pages that could tell them Hades weakness. The pages are hidden in his throne but when they try to make contact in Storybrooke, they find that Cruella has left the Henry’s book at the end of the River of Lost Souls. Demons try to steal the book before they get it but they manage to rescue it. 

Then Hook is able to move on while Arthur decides his fate is to repair the kingdom of the Underworld. Zeus himself escorts Hook onward as he helped defeat Hades. 

The book says that the Olympian Crystal can kill even a god once it’s activated. That information is transferred to the book in Storybrooke where Emma sees it. Emma heads to the mayor’s office and shows Zelena the pages while inside Robin and Regina try to steal back the baby.

Hades finds Regina and Robin and tries to kill Regina with the Olympian Crystal but Robin jumps in front of her to save her and is killed. Zelena runs and and Hades lies, saying that they came to kill him. He tries to convince Zelena that if they kill Regina they can then rule their own kingdom. She realizes that love will never be enough for him and uses the crystal to kill him.

Emma goes to Kilian’s grave and thanks him for the pages he sent from the Underworld and hopes he’s in a better place but she’s distraught to have lost him for good. 

The town Storybrooke mourns Robin at his funeral by putting rose strewn bow and arrows on his coffin. 

Zeus returns Killian to Storybrooke, and Emma, as his reward for helping defeat Hades. 

Once Upon a Time
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