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Snow and David adjust to their new life apart. They can leave messages on paper, and videos on cell phones, but when it's time to swap out - they both seem devastated to be away from the other. 

Regina concocts a plan to trap the Evil Queen in the world behind the mirror and uses Henry as bait. The Evil Queen is a step ahead of Regina and Emma, and instead traps them in the world behind the mirror. 

Emma does her best to track down the Dragon, a man who has powerful magic - but is having difficulty due to his lack of a real name.

When the Queen stays a step ahead of them, Emma and Regina are trapped in the world on the other side of the mirrors.

Hook figures out what's going on first, but the Queen easily sidelines him.

The Evil Queen poses as Regina and attempts to lure Henry to the dark side. Literally, she tries to Vader him.

When Emma and Regina discover the the Dragon is trapped with them, they learn that the Evil Queen plans to use him to kill them. 

Henry emerges as a hero when he refuses to go dark, and chooses to save his moms instead, without hurting anyone who is innocent.

Rumple creates a gold bracelet that will allow him to always find Belle. 

Once Upon a Time
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