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In a flashback to the Enchanted Forest, Regina's hunting for Snow White with her father by her side. Tinkerbell makes a surprise appearance, and attempts to remind Regina that her happy ending is waiting out there. Regina's not in the mood for happiness, but she makes a show of sparing Tink's life. Once they're back at the castle, Henry Sr. wants to help Regina find Snow using her mother's spellbook. They venture back into the woods, but when they arrive at the location, it's surrounded by light magic.

Henry Sr. admits that Tinkerbell played a role in the plan. She led them to Cupid's Arrow. It will help Regina find the person she loves most. Angry, Regina changes the arrow so it will find the person she hates the most. They follow its trail back to the castle. The arrow's embedded itself in her closet. Once she gets closer, instead of Snow White, Regina finds a mirror. Henry Sr. is sad to see that she hates herself the most, but Regina shatters the mirror.

In Storybrooke, the Evil Queen convinces Robin to dig up the shears for her. Then, she sends Regina a message through Henry. It's Page 23. She's holding Robin as collateral. Regina tells her friends and family that she wants to face her alter ego alone and end things once and for all. The Evil Queen uses the shears. But Regina is stronger. She holds the Evil Queen's dark heart in her hands, and catches sight of herself in the shards of glass. She doesn't hate the Evil Queen. 

Regina mixes their hearts together. Now the Evil Queen can feel love, too. They ask Henry to send her somewhere where she can start over. She ends up in the Wish Realm along with Robin. The two share a drink. 

Captain Nemo encourages Killian to tell Emma the truth. She finds him watching his past in the dream catcher as he prepares to burn it. She's not mad that he killed her grandfather. She's mad he didn't tell her. She gives the ring back until he can come to terms with things. Killian prepares to leave town with Captain Nemo. But Snow arrives to tell him about the Evil Queen finding her happy ending. She welcomes Killian to the family. 

He goes to Captain Nemo and lets him know that he will not be traveling with him. Before he can get off the sub, Gideon arrives, and traps him there. He wants Killian out of the way so he can get back to trying to kill Emma.

Once Upon a Time
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