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Emma tells David that Killian is the one who killed his father. She also tells him that he's left her. Not wanting to face her pain, Emma does her best to lose herself in work. But Regina has other ideas. She invites Emma and Snow for a girls' night at the new bar in town. Emma's reluctant. While she's at home, looking at Killian's stuff, she gets a call about a bar fight. But when she gets there, it was just a ruse Regina used.

Snow's drunk already and ends up challenging a group of Vikings to a game of darts. Regina tries to get Emma to open up to no avail. She does open up to the bartender. He talks of a lost love, and she starts to cry. She leaves the napkin with her tears on the bar, and tells Regina that she got her wish.

Killian is trapped on the Nautilus as it travels between realms. He wants to return to Storybrooke, but Captain Nemo and Liam inform him they need kraken's blood, and they're fresh out. Killian wants to hunt one. In the process, he finds Jasmine and Aladdin. They'd been searching for Agrabah, but even with her wishes, they can't find it. They join Killian aboard the sub. Jasmine feels guilty for not saving her home, and Aladdin wonders why Jasmine's reluctant to kiss him.

In a flashback to Agrabah, Jafar demands Jasmine marry him in order to save the kingdom. She refuses. When she's at a street market, she meets Ariel. The mermaid is looking for Eric. Jasmine takes her on a magic carpet ride, but when they find Eric, it's Jafar in disguise. He sends Ariel away and when Jasmine refuses to marry him, he transports Agrabah to a place she'll never find.

When the Nautilus begins to take in water, Jasmine wishes them to safety. They think they're about to find Jafar, but once again, they find Ariel. They've reached Hangman's Island, where she lives with Eric, who is away. She has a genie bottle of her own, and they realize Jafar's in there. Jasmine gets him out, but instead of granting wishes, he knocks everyone else out, and taunts her. It turns out Agrabah is in her ring. She uses Jafar's magic against him, and transports everyone back to Agrabah after she and Aladdin exchange True Love's Kiss.

Ariel offers Killian a way to contact Emma using a shell device. Emma gets the message and says she loves him, too. But the bartender arrives with her tears and blocks the communication. It turns out to be Gideon in disguise. He wants Emma to kill the Black Fairy for him or risk being separated from Killian forever.


Once Upon a Time
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Once Upon a Time Season 6 Episode 15 Quotes

Come on, princess. How many times are you almost going to kiss me?


Killian: Emma's in danger. She thinks that I've abandoned her. I have to get back and tell her the truth.
Liam: Did you not hear the captain? We have no kraken's blood.
Killian: Well you know who does? A kraken [picks up spear]
Captain Nemo: You can't be serious. I've spent a lifetime running away from those beasts.
Killian: Then they won't know to expect us. Gentlemen, let's go hunting.