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Rumple and Belle found a way to live out their days together, but things took a tense turn when Rumple tried to get rid of the dagger and found out that he couldn't.

They found a place to spend their days happy together, but while Belle was aging, Rumple remained the same. In the end, Belle passed away and Rumple was given the opportunity to move on to his new beginning. 

That resulted in him meeting Alice in Another Realm just as Henry is driving by on his motorcycle. 

In Hyperion Heights, Alice tried to get Weaver to remember, so she shot him. He remembered and made it his mission to go after Victoria. 

Meanwhile, Ivy took Lucy trick-or-treating. Lucy ran off, and Ivy reeled in Henry to help locate the youngster. 

When they found her, Ivy seemed like she wanted to kiss Henry. They had a drink together. 


Once Upon a Time
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Once Upon a Time Season 7 Episode 4 Quotes

Weaver: I hear you have a troubled girl in your custody and ... you let her go.
Victoria: Well, you'll be happy to hear that Tilly's back on her pills. Didn't seem like such a public menace anymore, so yeah, I let her go.
Weaver: You seem to be forgetting about those tapes.
Victoria: Oh, no, I remember. Quite clearly. But it appears that I've found something much bigger than what's on those tapes ... dearie.

Ivy: Trick or treat.
Henry: What's this?
Ivy: Something better than the cheap anti-freeze you're drinking. It's a gift, for helping me put me first for once and for listening to my side of the story. No one ever does that.
Henry: I know it's not going to be easy to stand up to your mother.
Ivy: Yep, now you are going to drink with me until I'm ready to face her. So, what happened to Lucy and Jacinda? I thought you would be out getting adult-onset diabetes.
Henry: I guess you're braver than I am.
Ivy: Couldn't take a chance and do the scary thing after all, huh?
Henry: It's complicated.
Ivy: Well, to keeping things uncomplicated.