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Victoria revealed she was getting rid of the kids' park because of Jacinda sending letters to Lucy. Jacinda went on a mission to garner signatures. Victoria decides to give her a condo if she calls it off. 

Lucy is mad, and this just pushes Jacinda to do the right thing, but Lucy jumps into the cave with Henry to investigate. Lucy finds the glass from the supper and thinks this will make Henry remember. 

It does not and he finds the cemetery again. 

Victoria revealed that Cinderella killed Anastasia and that there was only one way to bring her back: the heart of the true believer. 

Tiana saved Cinderella in the forest before everyone else showed up. She revealed that she was part of a resistance to rid the realm of all the wicked things Tremaine was doing. 

Meanwhile, Rogers found out that Weaver was no longer fighting on the same side as him. 

Once Upon a Time
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