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Victoria revealed she was increasing the rent for Jacinda and Sabine, so Sabine decided it was a good idea to make her cakes at Jacinda's work. They are a hit, but Victoria has someone set fire to the workplace. 

Jacinda tells Sabine she screwed up, and Jacinda leaves her with two months worth of rent, but Jacinda comes to her senses in the end and buys a food truck for them from Rogers to take their business to the streets. 

ivy asked Henry over because she had dirt on her mother, but Roni went instead and found a picture of her and Roni. In the end, it was revealed that Drizella was in Hyperion Heights and was making her mom think she was the villain. 

Princess Tiana sold her prized possessions but found herself upset when a fake prince tried to steal her father's ruby. In the end Tiana helped him and tried to take down Fscilier to reunite him with the love of his life. 

The man lied and it turned out that he was a frog, so Tiana reunited him with his frog girlfriend. 

Once Upon a Time
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Once Upon a Time Season 7 Episode 5 Quotes

Queen: We have no choice, Tiana. We may have to sell the castle.
Tiana: I thought my life would be filled with romance.

The Princess is here to see me, not you lot. That's right. Scurry off, unless you'd rather slither or hop.