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Lucy's life hung in the balance as everyone rallied to try and find a way to save her. 

Zelena and Regina embarked on a dangerous mission and found themselves going up against Rapunzel who showed up to steal an amulet from them. 

It turned out she wanted it to save Lucy, but she failed to realize there would be a sacrifice. That sacrifice was going to be Drizella, but Rapunzel shoved Drizella out of the circle and had herself killed. 

This made Drizella question whether her mother really loved her. 

Henry had a test done to see if there was any way he could save Lucy's life, but the nurse was murdered before she could reveal the news that they Henry was Lucy's biological father. 

In flashbacks, we learned that Robin struggled to use her powers and that Mother Gothel had taken her. Robin subsequently used an arrow and all seemed right in the world. 


Once Upon a Time
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Once Upon a Time Season 7 Episode 11 Quotes

Dr. Sage: I know what you're thinking: These things will kill ya!
Jacinda: Dr. Sage, any test results yet?
Dr. Sage: As soon as I have something, we will come to you.

Henry: So, would Lucy say she is . . . Dr. Doolittle . . . Dr. Strange?
Jacinda: More like 'Doctor takes her sweet time.'