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Peyton records a video message for her unborn baby, giving out advice and encouraging her baby that Brooke Davis is the most trustworthy person she knows.

That's just about the worst thing anyone has ever said, until Peyton says that if she dies, the baby needs to take care of Lucas because he'll fall apart without her.

Lucas crashes the recording session and begs her not to do this because she needs to think positive. She wants to get married ASAP, but he refuses.

Victoria and Brooke spend time together as Victoria shows signs of thawing, trying to bond with her daughter over Clothes Over Bros and protecting Sam.

Brooke then has a long, drawn-out conversation with Sam about Sam's bio-mom.

Brooke takes off for Peyton's baby shower while Sam gets some help from Victoria about a dress for the event. At the shower it becomes clear why Peyton trusts Brooke so much - she has no other friends.

After the party, Brooke and Victoria have a fight over whether Sam should be allowed to spend more time with her birth mother.

Victoria wants to let Sam do what she wants, but Brooke is obsessed with the idea of legally adopting Sam.

Eventually Brooke comes around to the old adage, "If you love something, let it free." She agrees to let Sam spend more time with her birth mother.

The Davis women say goodbye and Victoria starts crying. The two vow to focus together on their work, and when Brooke cries, Victoria says it's going to be okay.

Nathan plays with his son but that's cut short and things go back to normal when Nathan drops Jamie off with Lucas at the garage.

The two spend the day going through Peyton's special box of memories for the baby, making Lucas sad and allowing Jamie to comment on what a funny-looking baby Lucas was.

After the long day of walking down memory lane, Lucas returns home and agrees to marry Peyton ASAP.

Nathan takes off for his basketball game where an NBA scout is in the audience.

After the game, Mouth tries to get a clue about what the scout thought, but he gets nothing.

Skills goes on his third date with Lauren, however, Lauren is stuck watching Chuck, the kid who tried to steal Madison from Jamie last week.

Skills invites Chuck to tag along.

Chuck, who for some reason is a part-time ventriloquist, tries as hard as he can to ruin the date by acting like a spoiled brat.

They go for ice cream, and just as Skills is about to make his move, Chuck barfs on his shoes.

Skills returns home empty-handed. But then Miss Lauren knocks on the door to give Skills something he left behind - a huge kiss.

One Tree Hill
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