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This episode of One Tree Hill begins with Lucas' narration, as always. The good news is that Jamie is back this week, and he's going to rock the piano at his school talent show.

Jamie would rather tell jokes than play the piano, but Nathan thinks his comedy routine could use some work.

Brooke (Sophia Bush) is shocked to find Sam shoving a shirtless boy out her window early in the morning. Sam explains that the kid, Jack, has a brother who beats him sometimes, so she was being a good samaritan.

Brooke says the guy can sleep on the couch if he needs a place to crash.  When Sam runs into Jack later, she makes it clear she has no desire to sleep with him.

Lucas tells Julian that he'll stay attached to the movie.

His first order of business is to fly to Hollywood to meet with a hotshot A-list director. After Lucas takes off, Sam stops by to ask Julian for a favor. She wants him to read some of her writing.

Julian wants to know if Brooke is single.

Peyton (Hilarie Burton) goes to the doctor to discover the origins of her stabbing stomach pain, which she still hasn't told Lucas about.

Later, she puts dying on hold for a bit to counsel Mia about her sophomore album. The label wants Mia to put songs she didn't write on her album.

Nathan (James Lafferty) has to impress some scouts if he ever wants to have a chance at making it in the NBA. He goes to a professional tryout in the hopes of wowing the right people, which he does without a problem.

However, he doesn't impress all the other players, who are jealous and enjoy mocking him. When Nathan announces he wants to try out for point guard, he flashes back to an inspirational speech Quentin gave him.

Julian walks in on Brooke dancing to "Don't You (Forget About Me)," which allows him to make the requisite Breakfast Club reference.

He wants her to design the wardrobe for the movie, because who knows the clothes better than someone who actually wore them?

Brooke turns down the offer, still finding Julian creepy.

Millicent continues to feel threatened by Gigi after seeing her hug Mouth (Lee Norris) in the parking lot last week. She rants to Brooke about the situation, but B. assures her Mouth won't fall for it.

Sam theorizes that Brooke was a skank in high school, thinking it perfectly explains her aversion to Jack. Brooke admits to it, but also tells Sam about her mugging. That experience made her feel a little iffy around guys.

Lucas arrives in Hollywood and meets with the Beek, who promptly snorts a line of coke off his script. He has a couple of suggestions for Lucas' script, including killing Haley in the big finale.

He thinks a tragic ending will reel in the crying girls that made Titanic so popular. When Lucas nixes that idea, he suggests that Lucas and Haley get married at the end.

Jamie the stage and tries to play "The First Noel," but he keeps hitting the wrong keys. He makes up for it by doing an impromptu comedy routine, which is kind of terrible, yet somehow adorable.

It turns out Victoria had nothing to do with Brooke's mugging. It was Jack!  After Sam was caught shoplifting, she told her friends that someone should put Brooke in her place.

Jack, being crazy, saw that as a request for vigilante justice.  

Sam tells Brooke the mugging was her fault, then runs off and disappears. Brooke goes to the bar to look for her.

Millicent finds a sexy picture of Gigi on Mouth's phone, which she sent to him earlier. He swears he was going to delete it, but it's too late.

Millicent storms off and runs to the bar to drown her sorrows with Owen. He plans to take his first drink in eight years thanks to Brooke, and she plans to sleep with Owen thanks to Mouth.

Meanwhile, Nathan waits for a phone call that will either crush or fulfill his basketball dreams.

Owen and Millicent get drunk, Peyton receives some devastating news about her health that we're not privy to, and it's revealed that Jack's brother is the man who killed Quentin!

Sam drives off with Jack and the murderer to get away from her drama with Brooke, but now she's in more trouble than ever.

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