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Chase slept with a random girl after getting drunk with Chris Keller.  It ends up being Chris Keller's girlfriend.  Against better judgment, Chase sleeps with her again.


The girl, Tara, ends up being the owner of the Tree Hill Cafe.  Haley and Brooke complain about her sign, "Karen's Cafe Hires Murderers," but Tara won't take it down.


Quinn goes to Clay's drug dealer, but he threatens her with a gun.  Clay saves her from the guy.  He admits to Quinn that he has been blacking out during the day and night.  Dan knocks some sense into Clay and he goes in for treatment.


Julian has a tough time dealing with the fact that he forgot about Davis in his car.  He wonders if he is an awful parent.


Nathan was supposed to come home, but he never does.  The stuffed animal he had brought for Lydia was found on the curb at the airport with Nathan nowhere in sight.

One Tree Hill
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One Tree Hill Season 9 Episode 4 Quotes

You fat.

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If I catch you near my family again, I'll kill you.