Charles and Oliver in hot pursuit - Only Murders In The Building Season 1 Episode 5
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A voice-over from tie-dye guy as he stalks Mabel. He follows her down a secluded alley. Mabel pulls out a knitting needle and tackles him. 

Oliver records his thoughts about Mabel knowing Tim, suspecting that she might be the killer. Charles doesn't believe that Mabel is capable of murder.

Mabel recognizes tie-dye guy -- it is her Hardy Boy, Oscar. She helps him up and hugs him. She gets annoyed that he hasn't come to see her even though he got out of jail a week earlier. Mabel tells Oscar she has to go to Jersey, and he offers to drive her. 

Charles and Oliver spot Mabel getting into a car with tie-dye guy. Charles goes after them on foot, while Oliver goes to get his car.

Charles pursues, stopping to get pretzels while the car is stuck in traffic. Oliver arrives in his old, beaten-up car, Aphrodite. Charles takes the wheel and they drive off in pursuit.

Mabel asks Oscar what he's been doing for the last week. She asks if he knows about Tim. Oscar confirms that he does and that it had been his first time back in the building when Tim's death occurred. Mabel realizes that Oscar is Charles's "tie-dye guy."

Oliver suspects that Mabel and tie-dye guy were working together, but Charles is more concerned for Mabel's safety. Oliver urges Charles to use his brain rather than his heart.

Charles recalls a discussion with Mabel when she discouraged him from considering tie-dye guy as a suspect.

Oscar tells Mabel how he has wanted to see her right after he got out, and that's why he was going up the stairs the night of Tim's death.

Flashback: Oscar arrives at Tim's floor and stands outside his apartment.

Mabel and Oscar discuss her friendship with Charles and Oliver, and Mabel mentions how Charles still thinks he's "Brazzos."

Charles calls Mabel, but she doesn't pick up. Oliver researches Zoe's death on his iPad. Oliver vaguely recalls the incident from 2010, but Charles does not, citing it was his year on prednisone, which messed with his memory.

Charles calls Mabel again. Mabel answers, tells him she's at Washington Square Park and hangs up. Oscar and Mabel flirt. 

Charles is convinced Mabel has been taken hostage. Oliver sympathizes with Charles's inability to consider Mabel's dark side.

Oscar wonders why they are going to a jewelry shop, and Mabel explains the "G.M." note. Oscar suggests that "G.M." is Gustavo (Tavo) Mora, Mabel's cousin, who gave all the Hardy Boys their matching whale tattoos -- after all, his shop is on Shore Road. Mabel feels foolish for not making the connection, and they quickly re-route to Bayport.

Charles and Oliver continue in their pursuit while reminiscing about horrible experiences they've had in Long Island. Aphrodite's motor starts to smoke and they stop at a gas station. There, they meet Lucian, who takes a look at the car.

At the gas station, Mabel playfully embarrasses Oscar. They come out laughing, spotted by Charles and Oliver.

Lucian offers Charles and Oliver a lift, agreeing to help them pursue Mabel and Oscar. Lucian and his cousin Vaughan have a car full of cacti -- they are podcasters as well, with the horticulturally-themed "Yard Dogs." They are even part of Cinda Canning's network. Vaughan and Lucian offer their thoughts on the Mabel situation.

Oscar and Mabel arrive at Tavo's tattoo shop. Oscar wants to drop the whole thing and go for ice cream with Mabel. Mabel wants answers for Zoe and Tim, but Oscar wants to move on. She tells him she'll take the train home, and gets out of the car.

Charles and Oliver follow Mabel into the tattoo shop and confront her. Mabel apologizes for lying to them. She confesses that she knew Tim and that they used to be friends. She is surprised that they seem to be accusing her of being complicit in Tim's death.

Oscar arrives, with ice cream. Mabel introduces Oscar to Charles and Oliver, saying that he is also a friend, and not Tim's killer. Oscar recognizes Charles as Brazzos. Charles tells Oscar that he saw him go up the stairs the night of Tim's death. Oscar confesses that he was going to see Tim that night and that he heard the gunshot that killed Tim -- but he had nothing to do with it.

Tavo arrives. Upon hearing that Tim was murdered, Tavo says that Tim had been worried about someone coming after him after he'd been trying to take down a black market jewelry dealer. Charles is dubious, but then Mabel empties out her bag, which is full of the jewelry she found hidden in Tim's apartment. 

Only Murders In the Building
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Only Murders In the Building Season 1 Episode 5 Quotes

Oliver: She's got those crazy killer eyes, like Liza at three in the morning.
Charles: Please don't tell that story again.

Just because you aren't locked up doesn't mean you aren't still in some kind of prison.