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A flashback and voiceover from Detective Williams, talking about how she was always alone as a kid. 

Detective Williams gets home from a hard day at work. While listening to a podcast, Williams's pregnant wife fixes up the apartment in preparation for their new baby. Williams realizes that the podcast is about the Tim Kono case, which she herself worked and closed. Disappointed to have "work shit" brought up at home, she leaves. 

Back at the tattoo parlor, Mabel explains that she found the jewelry in Tim Kono's "Hardy Boys" books. Tavo recognizes some as belonging to Angel, the black market dealer. Tavo mentions that Tim bought many pieces from Angel, but never found the one he truly wanted. Mabel asks Tavo for a picture of this piece, which Tavo agrees to text when he finds it. Tavo also mentions that Tim was supposed to meet his jewelry connection, Cutter, at the tattoo parlor right now. At this moment, Mabel's mother shows up.

Charles, Oscar, and Oliver all join Mabel for dinner at her mother's house. After the meal, Mabel gets a text from Tavo with a picture of the piece Tim was after. Mabel's mother chides Mabel for still talking to Tim, and Mabel tells her that Tim has been murdered. Mabel's mother is disappointed she let Mabel go back to the Arconia -- she should be focusing on her designing career. Mabel's mother also gets on Charles and Oliver's case for dragging Mabel back up into the worst thing that ever happened to her. 

Mabel explains to Charles and Oliver about Zoe's death, how Oscar was charged, and how Tim saw something he refused to say. 

Detective Williams reviews her file on Tim Kono, realizing that the toxicology report was not submitted, nor was his phone sent to IT.

Mabel's mother feels personally responsible for how Mabel is now. She tells Oliver and Charles about how she was often working, so she would send Mabel to stay with her rich aunt at the Arconia. Charles and Oliver defend Mabel's good qualities, and her mother should be proud of how she turned out. Mabel's mother urges them to leave her alone.

Mabel agrees that her mother is probably right and that she should stop doing the podcast. Charles and Oliver respect her decision, telling her how much fun it has been for them.

Back at the Arconia, Charles and Oliver drink some Gut Milk and contemplate life without their podcast. Oliver doesn't understand why they can't continue -- Charles explains it would be exploiting Mabel's grief. Oliver gets an urgent text from Teddy saying "COME TO ME. WE NEED TO SPEAK."

Detective Williams returns to her wife and recounts the story of how they first met. She admits to having doubts about motherhood, also about her slip up with the toxicology report and Tim's phone. Her wife gets excited about the case being re-opened, but Detective WIliams stresses that that is not how it's done. Together they get to work on the nursery.

In Mabel's old bedroom, Oscar and Mabel talk about how hard it was for both of them after Zoe's death. Oscar finds Mabel's old "Hardy Boys" photo album. Mabel notices the photo of the four of them from the night Zoe died and realizes that Zoe is wearing the ring Tim has been searching for. Oscar points out that Zoe wasn't wearing the ring when she died. Mabel wonders how she lost it in such a short time, but Oscar interrupts, saying he doesn't want to talk about death anymore. Mabel and Oscar kiss.

Teddy shows Charles and Oliver a clip of Cinda Canning on Jimmy Fallon. Cinda mentions the "Only Murders In The Building" podcast by name. Teddy is overjoyed at the publicity and offers Charles and Oliver $50,000 for the next three episodes.

Teddy recounts the story of his Yaya Evangalia, who came over to New York during the Greek and Armenian genocide. She brought with her two coins -- one she used to start up a sandwich shop, the other she passed down to her son. Teddy explains that he has a special investment account he uses for creative projects and has named it after his Yaya. 

Mabel and her mother have a heart-to-heart. Her mother just wanted to keep her safe. Mabel's mother also notes that Oliver and Charles are quite old, but Mabel insists that they are friends. Mabel realizes she needs to see the investigation through, to understand what happened to Tim.

Detective Williams listens to the podcast and sends Tim's phone to Mabel at the Arconia. 

Thanks to Cinda's spot on Fallon, the number of listeners has skyrocketed. Charles and Oliver agree they should rip up the check, but Charles notices that Teddy's investment account is "Angel Inc." -- could this be a connection to Tim's jewelry dealer?

Mabel returns to the Arconia. She apologizes for lying to Charles and Oliver, saying she has a hard time trusting people. She shows them Tim's phone, saying it was left for her at the front desk -- but they don't have the password. Oliver and Charles inform Mabel that Teddy is now their prime suspect.

Only Murders In the Building
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Only Murders In the Building Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Mabel: I'm a stranger that lied to you a bunch and you're two randos that dragged me into a podcast.
Oliver: Rando is a slang for a person of no significance.
Charles: I used context clues but thank you.

Oh, my God, the twists and turns of this are unbelievable. It's like a rainbow crafted by a drunken leprechaun.