In Bunny's Apartment - Only Murders In The Building Season 2 Episode 6
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Poppy White, Cinda Canning's assistant, greets Jimmy Russo, a young man from Mabel's past who Cinda wants to interview. Jimmy is missing the upper half of the middle finger on his right hand. He hits on Poppy, but she laughs it off.

Poppy introduces Jimmy to Cinda. After Poppy lingers for too long, Cinda tells her to leave.

Poppy gets in the booth and imagines her own podcast, "White Noise."

Alice takes photos as Mabel serves them a meal -- empalmes, a recipe her father taught her. When Alice asks about her dad, Mabel is hesitant to talk about him.

Charles visits Jan in prison again. She senses his uneasiness. He questions whether they should keep meeting, as they have broken up, but Jan insists they are still a couple.

Oliver chats nervously to a stranger at the DNA testing clinic.

Cinda texts Poppy, asking her to save her from the meeting with Jimmy as she needs to poop.

On the set of Brazzos, Naomi and Charles do a scene together, and nail it. Charles wraps. Joy, the makeup lady, touches him up.

Sazz shows up in a wheelchair to do the stunts. Joy works on Sazz's makeup. Lucy greets Charles, telling him Oliver and Mabel are here.

Oliver shows Mabel, Lucy, and Charles the footage he got from the Pickle Diner. Mabel points out the person taking the matchbook and refers to the one she found under her apartment. The drop of red could yield a fingerprint.

Mabel realizes this is evidence that points to someone other than them. Oliver suggests contacting Detective Williams. Charles mentions he has her number as she texted him on the roof the night of Bunny's murder. Mabel takes his phone to text Detective Williams.

Joy joins them and takes Charles's wig. Charles introduces Joy to Mabel, Lucy, and Oliver, saying she's the best hair and makeup lady in the business and worked on the original Brazzos.

Joy explains that he got her out of retirement for this gig. She explains that they had sex once, but that was a different time. Joy gives Charles some CBD hand cream, compliments his great work, and leaves.

Oliver and Mabel tease Charles about Joy, but he insists he's not "available." Mabel gets a text back from Detective Williams, who says she can run prints on the matchbook and will pick it up from them later that day.

Another text from Detective Williams requests that they do not tell anyone, as she's the only one who believes them.

Lucy leaves to catch her train. A cop shows up and tells the trio that Detective Kreps is at Bunny Folger's apartment, as he found something.

The trio arrives at Bunny's apartment, only to find Detective Kreps there with Cinda and Poppy. Kreps tells them all to stop podcasting, as the public is getting too involved, making it hard for him to solve the case.

Cinda suggests that she can help Kreps and warns him to be careful, given his reputation. She informs them that Jimmy Russo, a former co-worker of Mabel's, will be on her next episode.

Charles asks who Jimmy Russo is. Mabel stresses that he is irrelevant to the case. Cinda insists he is very relevant, as he shows that Mabel tends to snap. Mabel accuses Cinda of fabricating lies to get more listeners. Cinda insists she only tells the truth.

Cinda leaves, with Poppy carrying her equipment. Oliver asks Kreps why Williams isn't with him. Kreps says Williams is in Denver, on maternity leave.

Kreps goes to the bathroom, and Oliver and Charles realize that the person they have been texting couldn't be Williams.

Mabel goes after Poppy, asking if she's okay with how Cinda treats her. Poppy insists that enduring Cinda's abuse is just "paying her dues.”

Mabel says Poppy will not get her break unless she speaks up. Mabel asks Poppy to get Cinda to pull the Russo interview.

Oliver, Mabel, and Charles decide to text the person posing as Williams and ask them to meet up.

The response comes, saying they can't meet up as it's too risky, but the trio should hide the evidence in Morningside Park, where they can pick it up. Oliver believes they are texting with the killer.

Charles suggests agreeing to the texter's terms. He says they should tell the texter they will put the matchbook in a Stop n' Shop bag and leave it in a trash can outside Morningside Park.

Instead of the evidence, though, it will be a paint bomb that will mark their target. Oliver suggests a glitter bomb instead.

They put the bag in a trash can outside Morningside Park and then get back into Oliver's Peugeot, Aphrodite. They wait.

Cinda records an ad spot for the latest episode. She gets a notification for a performance review, which Poppy has put into her calendar.

Cinda asks Luis, the recording engineer, what he thought of the Jimmy Russo interview. Luis says he was impressed, and Cinda mentions that Poppy found Russo. Cinda says she'll think about the promotion.

The trio continues to wait. Oliver recalls how Will, at the age of six or seven, used to come to his production of "Waiting For Lefty" every night, even getting involved in the audition participation. Mabel and Charles comfort him.

Mabel gets a notification that Cinda's latest episode has dropped. They listen. In it, Russo details how Mabel chopped off his finger. Mabel insists he's a liar and a creep, and it was an accident.

Charles offers to put on some music, and Oliver notices the many calls to Hopestill, where there is nothing but a women's correctional facility. Mabel deduces that Charles has been seeing Jan. Oliver begins recording and narrating.

Charles says it was for the case but that Jan believes they are still dating. Oliver backs him up, saying that it should have been implied that they'd broken up. Mabel asks why Charles never ended it. He says he doesn't know how -- Jan scares him.

While Charles talks about how his father affected his relationships with women, a figure digs into the trash can and gets glitter bombed. Mabel goes to leave, then notices the figure running off, covered in glitter.

Frustrated, Mabel leaves Charles and Oliver and walks away.

Oliver insists Charles break up with Jan. Charles gets an idea.

Poppy reflects on the success of the Jimmy episode. Cinda tells Poppy she made everyone uncomfortable by asking for a promotion in front of Luis.

Cinda tells Poppy she is a great assistant, implying she doesn't have a future as anything else.

Sazz visits Jan in prison, reading lines that Charles has sent her. Sazz breaks up with Jan on behalf of Charles.

Mabel returns to her apartment, where she sees two actors dressed as Zoe and Tim Kono. Alice is dressed as Mabel, bloody sweater and all, taking photographs of a woman dressed as Bunny on the floor.

Alice removes her wig, trying to explain, but Mabel cannot process what is happening, and she runs away.

Charles uses some of the CBD hand cream. Oliver rushes in, in a state because he still hasn't got the DNA results back. Charles offers to let him stay until he gets the results.

Mabel heads to the subway. Poppy calls and starts telling Mabel about Cinda's many lies. Mabel is confused and disoriented. Poppy offers to help Mabel, as Cinda will be after them now.

On the train, Mabel notices a tall figure in black, covered in glitter. The figure approaches Mabel.

As Charles and Oliver eat salsa, Oliver gets a notification. It's not the results, though -- it's a video from Will. The video shows Mabel stabbing the glitter man and then running off the train. Charles and Oliver hug awkwardly.


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Only Murders In the Building Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

When I was an intern at the Post, Kay Graham gave me a great piece of advice. She said, “Don’t be too good at a job you don’t want.”

Cinda Canning

Everyone’s just so obsessed with my past. Maybe that’s why I love being with you. You’re just new. And you make me feel new.

Mabel Mora