L - Oliver and Charles - Only Murders In the Building Season 3 Episode 4
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Charles and Joy move in together, but Joy is concerned that they have moved in together too quickly. Joy moves in with her very many fish.

Charles reveals he has been given a song for the show.

Oliver reveals to Charles and Mabel that he's in love with Loretta, but they guess he hasn't asked her out yet.

They brainstorm who the suspect might be, and Oliver is apprehensive about Kimber being the potential suspect, which would affect his show.

The cast arrives for practice, and Charles performs his song. In the middle, he whites out, and when he comes to, he has no pants on and he's holding dolls.

Douglas explains that he was in the white room, which happens when an actor is too nervous on stage.

Mabel and Oliver attempt to find a way to get into the cast's dressing room to inspect what they think Kimber used to poison Ben.

Charles makes an omelet and sings his song perfectly.

Mabel and Oliver run into Kimber in the dressing room and start a conversation.

Mabel subtly interrogates. Charles joins them. They decide Mabel should talk to Kimber while Oliver and Charles break into Ben's dressing room.

On the mirror, they find the words "fucking pig" written in red lipstick.

Mabel learns that Kimber and Ben were not in a romantic relationship but a business partnership.

Mabel learns that Ben had a red mark on his face, and someone helped him cover it up with makeup.

Cinda returns and gets in touch with Mabel.

She wants to begin working on another murder and learns that Mabel is working on the Ben Glenroy case. She offers Mable money, but Mabel turns her down.

Charles makes a second attempt at the song at uses the omelet-making gesture thinking it will help. Oliver tells him to quit it, and Charles finds himself in the white room again.

Oliver tries to figure out what the problem might be with Charles. He thinks it's the new relationship and that he and Joy moved in together.

Charles tries to ask Joy to move out but goes to the white room again. He has proposed to Joy when he comes to, and she accepts.

Mabel and Oliver walk in on the moment and are surprised. Joy sees the lipstick and is happy that Mabel found her lipstick.

Only Murders In the Building
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