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Piper starts janitorial shifts and Crazy Eyes is there. Suzanne likes to clean the floor because it helps her clean her mind.

Piper acts like she doesn't care that Alex ratted her out to the Feds.

Pornstache bends over in the cafeteria and tells Daya he likes the shape of her ears.

Miss Claudette doesn't accept Piper's apology with any more excitement than did Suzanne.

Pennsatucky is losing her faith. She flashes back to when she was out and pregnant and getting ready to get an abortion. Her boyfriend kind of wanted her to have the baby, but she just wanted to have another abortion.

Alex pushes Piper to admit she's angry at Alex and then realizes she's just saying she loves her because Larry dumped her and she's afraid to be alone.

Alex tells Piper why she gave her up. They were offering her less time and she was still pissed off about her leaving her.

Larry tells Cal that Piper is the most interesting thing about him and that's what makes him the most upset.

Cal's girlfriend sends him a text that says "yes." They're engaged.

The girls arrange that Caputo finds Pornstache screwing Daya in the utility closet.

Figuero won't put rape on the record, even though Caputo reminds her that the girls cannot technically give consent.

Bennett is not impressed with Daya's plan.

Pannsatucky gets a visitor and he tries to remind her that she has been forgiven and needs to believe in God.

Pennsatucky killed an abortion clinic nurse when she disrespected her after multiple abortions and told her she should get a punch card so she could get her sixth one free.

Caputo tells Fischer to get on her game and not be easy on the inmates. He doesn't want her to treat them like people.

Yoga Jones tells Janae she's taking a break from yoga because sometimes you need a little break. She used to grow pot in California and thought she was shooting a deer who was eating her weed, but she shot an 8 year old kid who was running away from home because his dad took away his Nintendo.

Pennsatucky wants Piper to get to know "Dear Mr. Christ." Piper asks for forgiveness and Pennsatucky gives her a hug.

Pornstache calls Bennett to have drinks and tells him he thinks he and Daya are in love. Pornstache tells Bennett to get the box of drugs from Neptune Produce and to give it to Caputo because Red is giving them to the girls. He gives Bennett a note to give to Daya that says "wait for me."

Alex and Piper talk about the future.

Miss Claudette's appeal goes poorly, and when Fischer tries talking to her with her new harsh tone, Miss Claudette rips her down and is taken to maximum security. Taystee is there watching the excitement.

Janae finds a long screw and Yoga puts it into the electrical socket and passes out momentarily. She holds it up to Janae to go next.

Pennsatucky wants Piper to be baptized.

Bennett delivers the drugs to Caputo and Caputo is super excited to take Red down.

Meanwhile Red is translating a marital discussion between Healy and his wife.

Piper tells Pennsatucky she won't just give lip service to God, and the bottom line is she just doesn't believe in God as much as she wants to get on the bandwagon. 

Figueroa receives a call from a news outlet because after Larry's interview he did some digging and learned Litchfield received a $2.3 million budget increase and wondered why there were so many cutbacks. She said she would look into it as she got into her Mercedes.

Larry visits Piper and says he wants them to get married right there, in that prison, or they just have to end it.

Pennsatucky says she's going to kill Piper.



Orange is the New Black
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Orange is the New Black Season 1 Episode 12 Quotes

I used to think you were a yellow dandelion, but you are all dried up with the puff blown off. But that's all right. You are who you are like I am who I am.

Crazy Eyes

Piper: I'm not mean. I didn't mean to be mean to you.
Crazy Eyes: You gotta start from the inside out or else you'll step on the clean.