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Piper starts a newsletter and Vee starts an entrepreneurial venture in this episode of Orange is the New Black.

Caputo feels the pressure after Jimmy escapes and forces the guards to start writing inmates up more frequently.

Black Cindy was a TSA agent.

Piper meets with the journalist who was hoping to blow the lid off of the financial corruption at Litchfield. She's not ready to play hardball and risk her freedom just yet.

Sister Ingalls wraps up cornbread to take back to her cube and Fischer writes her up.

Black Cindy gets her sister Monica an iPad for her birthday and her mother discovers it's stolen.

Piper wants Morello to write romance for the newsletter but Morello is trying to stay away from it. Piper suggests a beauty column. 

Poussey tells Nicky how she feels about Vee and her cigarette business.

Bennett starts writing up his blackmailers and sends one to the SHU.

Caputo wants to use Piper's newsletter to explain the shot quota to the inmates and share other good news.

Piper does a quick interview of Caputo to support his "Guards are people too" idea.

Polly goes to Larry's and slaps him, yelling at him for declaring love during a really bad time. They decide to f*ck.

Big Boo asks Red for Matches. She then lightly kicks a chair and a guard writes her up for "damaging government property."

Black Cindy and Vee argue about selling for stamps and Vee throws a pack at Poussey to sell instead. Poussey says she'll think about it.

Black Cindy leaves her sister in the car on the street while she goes in with some dude she thought was in jail. 

Scott and Wanda were apparently dating, and Scott apologizes for messing things up because he thought things were moving too fast. They make up and make out. While they aren't looking Jimmy wanders out.

They oddly choose to check in with Figueroa and her husband, who is probably going to lose the race. They aren't having sex and the reporter is buzzing around her all the time worrying about loofas for the bathroom when she wants sentence reform.

Vee sneaks up on Black Cindy in the dark after bed check. Vee says Cindy has given up on herself; she's a loser.

Black Cindy tells her mother she can do whatever she wants with her own damn daughter. 

Caputo chats with Fischer. Luschek has no ambition he says. Fischer says he's nice; he gets what she talks about work.

Gloria plays the game; she gives Red yogurt so she can get some cilantro. A girl after my own heart.

Jimmy is taken to a bus station -- she's getting compassionate release because they can no longer adequately care for her in prison.

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Orange is the New Black Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Every day in this place I get more confused.


You know, I respect that, but I'm pretty that under the present circumstances even Paul McCartney would be all up in the tuna casserole.