Orange is the New Black Review: Non-Compassionate Release

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Being in prison sucks. There's no doubt about it.

But on Orange is the New Black Season 2 Episode 7, old lady Jimmy - who made her way out of Litchfield through the grate in the greenhouse to watch Caputo's show in Orange is the New Black Season 2 Episode 6 - was released.

That might sound like a great deal... until you realize she's being let go onto the streets, to fend for herself, without anybody knowing where she is, including Jimmy herself. Damn. 

Suddenly the confines of Litchfield don't look so bad.

Watching Jimmy Go

I really don't like Vee. At all. She has no redeeming qualities. The longer she's on screen the less I like her. To make matters worse, she's ruining all of the progress that was made with Suzanne, who is earning back her nickname of Crazy Eyes. Vee is bad news.

It was time to learn about Black Cindy's back story and frankly, it didn't endear her to me one bit. She was a bad seed outside of prison and her comedic antics are some sort of a protective shell, but they aren't protecting anything particularly compelling. 

She had a child young who she couldn't care for and her mother raised her as her sister. She got a job with the TSA (which figures, since her friend thought she was in jail) and she filters through their luggage and steals their crap. She gives her sister/daughter a stolen iPad for her birthday. Nice. 

Honestly, it's not all that sad that Vee is frakking with Cindy. But by frakking with Cindy, Vee is trying to pull in Poussey and I don't like that at all. She's in my crystal ball of worry.

Vee and Red are actively engaged in trying to outshine each other in the business of making women happy. Their businesses don't collide, so it shouldn't hurt either one, but it doesn't really work that way. Red brings in goods like makeup and candy, Vee tobacco. Red could supplement Vee's business by providing matches, but that would be silly.

I loved that Gloria decided to play the game by giving Red some yogurt. In exchange she wants Red to grow some cilantro in her greenhouse. A woman after my own heart! Fresh cilantro. Drool.

Piper, Daya, Flaca and Morello jump in head first with the newsletter. Since Caputo has to bust chops by writing up inmates more frequently (the guards give them "shots"), he thinks it will be a great way for the guard to share information about themselves. After all, guards are people too. 

I can't help it, I really like Caputo. His ambition isn't too much and his crush on Fischer is sweet. He tries to paint Luschek in a negative light and she can't even see it. Piper writes up a nice little story about Caputo and his pet turtle and it makes him smile.

Piper is still trying to get her furlough to see her sick grandma, who will likely be dead by the time she is granted leave (if she's granted leave). In the meantime, she helps Jimmy eat because it's closest thing.

Piper might be surprised to find out Larry and Polly are involved because they just broke down and did the nasty, clogged milk duct and all.

That scene was about as oddly placed as a 60 second flash to Figueroa and her husband on the campaign trail. She has the media breathing down her neck about loofas for inmates when what they should be thinking about is sentencing reform and fair trials. For a minute there, I almost believed her.

Do you think it's right to let someone like Jimmy out of prison?

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