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Flaca is diagnosed with bed bugs. 

Red confronts Piper about her lie. 

Pornstache's mother, Delia Powell, shows up for a visit with Aleida, who is trying to scam her for money.

Bennett informs Daya of Delia's visit while the Hispanic dorm strips all sheets and clothing. Caputo shows up with paper uniforms. 

Flashback: Bennet has arrived in Iraq and is gung-ho. His sergeant does not appreciate this.

In the cafeteria, the guards Bell and discuss if the bugs could have come from their couch. Poussey has a garlic necklace from Norma and Gloria. Crazy Eye's freaks out when Penssatucky sits down at the black table. 

Alex is uncomfortable with the bedbug situation and still scared that Kubra will exact retribution.

Nicky and Boo speculate over the number of early releases and discuss what to do with the heroin.

Bennett and Daya talk to Aleida about her interference. Aleida tries to talk Daya into sending the baby to Mendez's mother.   

Flashback: Bennett's unit makes a shirtless lip sync video. He makes friend with an Iraqi soldier. 

The girls in laundry are overwhelmed with work. Luschek and Nicky show up. The girls convince Luschek to strip by scaring him with bedbugs, before he hands over his uniform to be washed, he removes a baggie of drugs. 

Cindy, Tastee, and Crazy Eyes discuss Vee in the bathroom while disinfecting themselves. Alex gets into it with guard Maxwell, and Piper intervenes to keep her out of SHU.

Daya meets Bennett at their spot, where he proposes.

Nicky approaches Luschek to sell the heroin. 

Poussey visits Gloria for some voodoo protection. 

Piper confesses to Alex after a discussion over the merits of lying to people 

Taystee, Pouseey, and Caputo discuss with the exterminator if the books in the library need to be burned.

Bennett shows up at Cesar's apartment for a visit, and to check out what conditions the baby would live in.

Caputo meets with the prison accountant and finds out that the prison is going to shut down in two months.

Caesar pulls a gun on Daya's brother when he refuses to eat the fries Margarita (Cesar's new baby momma) heated up. 

Flashback: Bennett's unit watch a drone drop a bomb when the Iraqi soldier he befriended runs into the tent screaming "Bomb!"

Red  visits Healy and she wants her lawyer added to her visitation list and her husband removed.

The guards finish burning mattresses, and Caputo tosses in a book.

The inmates try different methods to pad their cots. Red and Piper discuss further discuss the merits of telling people the truth vs polite lies.

Cesar and Bennett share a beer and talk about kids and women. Cesar gives him Daya's old crib for the baby.

Piper and Alex get into a fight in the closed library, but it quickly turns into sex.

Bennett is pulled over on the side of the road, upset. When he pulls away, he has left Daya's crib behind. 

Orange is the New Black
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Orange is the New Black Season 3 Episode 2 Quotes

We will probably never be rich...and we'll most likely live in a place that's not that big, but we'll work hard and we'll love each other...and we'll find so much happiness we won't even know what to do with it. We'll share it with our kid. Our kids. Will you marry me?


If you say "bean leaves" one more time I'm going to punch you in the f*ck hole.