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Pennsatucky drives Hill and Maxwell into town to buy party supplies.

Flashback: Pennsatucky as a child with her mother scamming social security benefits.

Red returns to the temporary cell, where Alex is also being bunked. Alex has been roughed up.

Caputo is explaining the Mother's Day program to the new counselor, Rogers, who is a therapist.

Poussey walks into the kitchen asking for supplies for the party, and sees Gloria and Norma blessing an inmate.

Piper and Luschek are turning a fan into a miniature golf feature and discussing methods of suicide. He informs her of Alex's return.

Sophia is getting all the mom's ready for extended visitation. Lorna lie about having children in order to get her hair done. She asks Sophia about her son and how the family works with her gender transition.

Flashback: Sophia (as Marcus) and his wife are awaiting the birth of their son.

Nicky is in laundry, "fixing" a light. Angie and Leanna speculate that it's because she has a crush on Angie. She's really checking on the heroin.

Flashback: Young Nicky has prepared Mother's Day breakfast for her mother, who doesn't even read the card she made.

Nicky compliments Lorna in the lunchline. Piper sees Alex walk in and greets her. Alex is not handling her return well. 

The black girls are discussing Vee, which sets off Crazy Eyes. Poussey is arguing the merits of visiting Gloria for some magic.

Flashback: Young Poussey and her mother reading Calvin and Hobbes in bed.

Aleida and Daya are discussing mother's day, and Aleida finds a letter from Mendez's mother. Aleida thinks Daya should play her for money.

Nicky and Boo discuss selling the heroin. 

The Wiccan's are having an outdoor ceremony at night, while Red and Frieda block the greenhouse tunnel with concrete. 

Caputo is rearranging his new office while Healy vents his frustrations over the new counselor. 

Flashback: Healy as a boy, watching his mother have a mental break. 

Alex and Piper are in the chapel, discussing their mothers. Alex is still breaking down over her return to prison. 

The guards are checking in kids, and Aleida's boyfriend, Cesar, approaches Bennett. He invites Bennett over to the house.

Crazy Eyes is not allowed to go to the Mother's day celebration.

There are various games and activities for the kids, all of which are vaguely sad. Cindy, Taystee, and Pouseey discuss mothers. Gloria reconnects with her younger son. Poussey talks to Norma about "juju."

Daya and her sibling discuss her baby. Bennett awkwardly tries to interact with the kids. Caputo is displeased -- and disgusting.

Pennsatucky steals craft supplies and Sofia talks with her son. 

Flacka and Maritza talk about their kids and the joys of motherhood.

Bells gets frustrated with the pinata and beats it with her correctional rod. There's no candy inside.

Sophia gives Michael advice about girls.

Aleida tells Daya about the aftereffects of childbirth.

Flashback: Aleida holding baby Daya in the hospital.

Daya's sister Lucy has disappeared.

Red visits with her sons and husband, and figures out that the market has closed down.

Pennsatucky has a funeral for her aborted pregnancies. Boo manages to comfort her.

Aleida finds Lucy under Daya's bed when the alarm is sounded. She pockets the letter from Mendez's mother.

The kids are confused by the lockdown. Flacka's boyfriend informs her that he won't be bringing the baby back.

The inmates clean up after the fair. Poussey finds a Calvin and Hobbes comic strip.


Orange is the New Black
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Orange is the New Black Season 3 Episode 1 Quotes

Maybe you should stop punishing yourself. I mean, what does a good mother do? A good mother does what's best for her children. And maybe what was best for your children was wipin' 'em out before they had to lead miserable f*cking lives.

Big Boo

Lorna: How does that work, with you being a lady-man and all? Do you and his mother both celebrate the day?
Sophia: You really wanna be callin' me a lady-man when I got a fistful of your hair in my hand?
Lorna: Oh, I just thought it sounded nice. I don't know from these things. That's why I'm askin' questions.