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Big Boo's back story is revealed showing how she has never felt accepted for who she is. In the present, she and Pennsatucky scheme to get cash from the crazy religious people who send Pennsatucky money. When she gets a makeover and meets the man from the church, she can't pretend to go along with him because he's so hateful. 

It's Piper's birthday, but she doesn't tell anyone. Her family comes to see her, but she only ends up arguing with them. Piper and Alex decide to be girlfriends. 

Caputo has everyone working at the prison keep things under control because he's showing the people from the MCC around. After a somewhat disappointing walk through, he gets a call saying they want to take it over, making Caputo very happy.  

Crazy Eyes' behavior gets worse. She draws attention to herself and Taystee tries to keep her under control. She yells at Crazy Eyes telling her Vee is dead. Taystee becomes emotional and they both cry. 

Daya worries about Bennett's whereabouts. When she confronts Caputo about it, he tells her Bennett is gone. She gets upset and goes to see Gloria. She smokes a cigarette and they talk. 

Soso realizes she doesn't have much in common with her friends on the outside anymore.

Gloria tries to knock some sense into her son. 

Healy acts unusually nice to Red after she had stood up to his wife about him. 

Orange is the New Black
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Orange is the New Black Season 3 Episode 4 Quotes

Prison is not cool. Being here is not cool. It's not brave or admirable or courageous, it's stupid. I feel stupid for being in here.


Go ahead and call me Jesus from now on 'cause this bitch just worked a miracle.