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Pouseey and Taystee are "working" in the empty library, and talking about a new job detail. Poussey's hooch has gone missing.

The guards are not impressed with the improvements being made by new management.

The girls in the kitchen are also intrigued by the new job, but Gloria wants them all to stay. Norma is consulting with petitioners on her own, which also upsets Gloria.

Flashback: Highschooler Flaca is on the phone with her dealer boyfriend, asking to be brought into the business. Her mother stresses the value of a trade over education.

Red asks Piper how she can soften her look.

Caputo and Pearson discuss the changes MCC is making to Litchfield. 

Red is flirty with Healy. Rogers interrupts, and Healy is unhelpful.

Gloria confronts Norma about her freelance magic. 

Maritza wants Flaca to stay in the kitchens, but she has larger ambitions.

Flashback: Flaca is making fake acid to sell at her school.

Cesar visits Daya after he checks up on Bennett. Cesar doesn't want to take care of the baby anymore.

The inmates take a psychological assessment test for the new job. Flaca freaks out with test anxiety.

Flashback: A kid Flaca sold fake drugs too kills himself.

Healy recounts his childhood Woodstock experience to Red and Yoga Jones. 

Piper and Alex notice a suspicious new inmate who Alex thinks a plant of Kubra's.

Soso visits Norma, and talks things out with herself.

Poussey starts a new batch of hooch with the help of Angie and Leanne.

Delia visits Daya, who is now willing to give up the baby. 

The new work assignment list is posted. Crazy Eye is upset with her failure. Flaca is excited that she got the placement.

Alex is assigned to a new bunk, and Piper teases her about her paranoia.

Poussey marks her territory.

The guards find out their hours have been cut.  

Taystee is the one that's been taking Poussey's hooch, and Cindy explains why Crazy Eye's wasn't chose for the new assignment.

Red continues her flirtation with Healy. What she's really after is reassignment to the kitchens.

Soso tries to connect with Angie and Leann, but the attempt falls flat.

Flaca shows up to say goodbye to the kitchen and in the process burns bridges with her prison family.

Flashback: Flaca is arrested for her role in the boy's suicide attempt.

Pearson reveals to Caputo that the test was meaningless and that the assignment was random. Caputo is concerned about safety concerns.

The inmates arrive at the new job assignment -- making lingerie. 

Orange is the New Black
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Orange is the New Black Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

More often than not, people believe what you tell them.

Flaca's Mom

Taystee: It's eight o'clock in the morning. You drinking already?
Poussey: It's always five o'clock in prison.