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In various flashbacks, Caputo’s history of being the nice guy, but having it backfire is revealed.

Caputo has been sleeping with Figueroa. The correctional officers want to unionize.

Big Boo is horrified to discover Pennsatucky was raped. She makes Pennsatucky snap out of denial about the situation.

Aleida makes the argument between Gloria and Sophia seem way more explosive than it really was. The inmates begin to turn on Sophia.

Alex convinces Lolly she is a double agent for the CIA. She goes to Piper with her problems. She feels uncomfortable with Piper’s growing criminal business and they break up.

Soso feels alienated by Leanne and Norma’s followers. Leanne targets Soso and cuts her hair.

Flaca convinces the other girls to unionize against Piper so she has to pay them. Her business grows more.

Ruiz criticizes Daya for considering giving away her baby.

Healy gets his hands on Crazy Eyes’ story. He blames the situation of Berdie, who gets in trouble.

Angie is mistaken for another inmate and is released from the prison. Caputo tracks her down at the bus station, where he finds her sitting. She didn’t know where to go. He brings her back.

Orange is the New Black
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Orange is the New Black Season 3 Episode 11 Quotes

Big Boo: Did he force you?
Pennsatucky: Well, I'm not gonna lie. I mean, I could've used a bit of a warm-up. Doesn't really feel any good when you're not ready.
Big Boo: You know there's a word for that, right?
Pennsatucky: No. No, it's not his fault. I was the one. I was flirting too much. I was smiling, and I was really confusing.

Nice group you got here. Congrats on nothing.