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Flashback: 10 year old Pennsatucky gets her first period, and receives a disconcerting sex talk from her mother.

Coates corners Pennsatucky in the stairwell and quasi-apologizes. 

Caputo arrives and Norma's group is doing a ritual in the yard. Caputo suspends their service, and Leann objects on the grounds of religious freedoms. 

Alex confronts Lolly about the notebook, and gets in trouble when she tries to report Lolly.

The crowd following the Judy King coverage has grown. The inmates are excited by her conviction.

Piper recruits Maria, Flaca, and Maritza to her panty ring. Alex sees Stella touching Piper.

Maureen propositions Crazy Eyes.

Soso has a session with Rodgers.  

The kitchen workers are bored, and Red encourages them all to find their own purpose.

Gloria sees Sophia with her family in the visitation room. Michael is defiant and angry.

Lorna is still meeting with pen pals.  

Gloria is upset that Benny isn't visiting her anymore. 

Pennsatucky tells Boo about Coates. 

Flashback: Teenage Pennsattucky is at a party where she is prostituting herself. She gets stung by bee, and the new boy she likes helps her with it. She's confused that he doesn't expect anything from her.

Taystee is confused by the rules of Norma's group and Poussey's adherence to them.

Ford tells Luschek that they're not part of the union anymore. 

Cindy interviews another inmate to be her Judiasm guru.

Delia visits Mendez in prison. She tells him that the baby isn't his. He refuses to accept the news. 

Lorna tells Crazy Eyes about one of her pen pals. Crazy Eyes admits she's never had sex and doesn't understand sex. 

Pennsatucky and Coates are out on errands. She tries to seduce him for ice cream, and he tells her it isn't necessary. 

Flashback: Pennsatucky watches porn with boyfriend and is confused about oral sex. He tries to help her appreciate her own body.

Lorna meets with her Jujitsu pen pal, Vinny.

Maritza and Flaca talk about their panties, and Flaca figures out who else is working for Piper. They figure out that Piper is taking advantage of thm.

Crazy Eyes heads to the broom closet to meet with Maureen, but chickens out. 

Leann encourages the group to continue their ritual. The group rebels against her. 

Soso gets into it with Leann.

Red teaches the kitchen girls how to cook. 

Coates gets in trouble with Caputo for being absent. 

Delia visits Daya because she still wants to adopt the baby. Daya reluctantly accepts the offer. 

A crowd is gathered to watch the coverage of Judy King's sentencing.

Piper ask Stella about herself. Alex walks in and is upset. Stella encourages Piper to end things with Alex, and Piper kisses her. 

Alex goes into the bathroom and finds Lolly, who pulls the glass shard on her. Alex gets the upper hand, and Lolly starts spewing paranoid nonsense.

Gloria confronts Sofia for being in the wrong bathroom. Things get physical and Sophia pushes Gloria to the ground. 

Vinny shows up at Christopher's house with a gang and beats him up. 

Flashback: Pennsatucky's boyfriend is being sent away by his parents. He leaves her at the party, where she is raped.

Coates blames Pennsatucky for his probation. He rapes her in the van.



Orange is the New Black
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Orange is the New Black Season 3 Episode 10 Quotes

Big Boo: Hey, maybe next time you can suck his d*ck, get us an ice cream cake.
Pennsatucky: C'mon, you know that would melt before it got here, so that's not a good idea, duh.

Now you're like a case of pop. You've got value.

Pennsatucky's Mom