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After Maria's crew branded her with a swastika, Piper is left feeling broken. She calls her brother, Cal, who tells her he is going to be a father. Piper is utterly alone as the other inmates blame her for their awful new job digging dirt in the hot sun. Piper finds Nicky and Alex smoking crack in the garden's corn field. Piper reveals the swastika and smokes crack. Alex reveals how she killed Kubra's hit-man. After showing the swastika to Red, Piper is rebranded once more when Red turns the swastika into a window.

Poussey confronts Judy about her racism. Judy finally realizes Cindy, Alison, and the other women are trying to get a photo of her for money. She and Poussey team up and take a photo of Judy running over and kissing Cindy. 

Caputo is upset when Linda gets his classes approved, but finds out the board has changed his courses from educational to construction courses. Sophia's wife, Crystal shows up on Caputo's doorstep demanding to know is Sophia is alright. Linda comes out with a gun and forces her to leave. Caputo is not scared of her actions, but turned on.

Aleida tries to plan for her life outside prison, which includes opening a nail salon, but is sad to see Maria has turned the salon into a drug transactional space.

Lorna is convinced her husband is cheating, so she begs her sister to spy on him.

Coates apologizes to Doggett for raping her, and says he is trying to figure out why he did it. 


Orange is the New Black
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Orange is the New Black Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

I mean, maybe I am a racist. Maybe I'm just too stupid to know it, but shit, I am the friendliest racist that you are ever gonna meet, so can't we all just get along?


My parents didn't teach me to be like this. What I did to Maria... I didn't feel bad. I didn't think twice. I just... went too far. I always go too far. I always go too fucking far, and I can't fucking stop it.