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In flashbacks, we see how Lolly's life slowly eroded under the pressure of her mental illness and decreasing societal tolerance of the ill, all of which eventually led to her arrest. Healy continues to work with her, despite Piscatella's misgivings. 

Piper ends up hanging out with the white pride crowd to protect herself from Ruiz, but Nicki''s return makes her reevaluate her priorities. Ultimately she decides that she won't be able to live with herself after prison if she joins their gang, so she gives up their protection. Unfortunately, she is almost immediately betrayed by Hapakuka, who gave Piper up in exchange for a pass from Ruiz. The Dominicans grab Piper, gag her, and brand her with a swastika while Nicki's welcome home party provides cover. 

Linda helps get Caputo's education initiative passed by the board, but has made such sweeping changes that it doesn't resemble his original plan. All of the core education classes get slashed in favor of "classes" that are really just unpaid work details. Caputo starts to realize that MCC is a business and that it is not in their interest to help prisoners. 

Nicki returns from Max, much to Lorna and Red's delight. Red organizes a party for her, and even gets permission to make cake. Nicki invites Piper when no one else does, leading Piper to realize that she really is hated by the rest of the inmates. Gloria and Sister Ingalls are upset to hear Nicki's news about Sofia. Nicki solves the mystery of the Shower Pooper as soon as Lorna explains it to her -- she identifies Angie as smuggling in drugs. Later, she buys heroin from her. 

Soso worries that her relationship with Poussey is too one sided since she has been the recipient of all the physical attention so far. She tries to surprise Poussey in the library, but Poussey tells her that she wants Soso to want‚Äč to pleasure her more than she wants to be pleasured.

Judy and Yoga Jones become paranoid around the black inmates after a racist puppet show from Judy's past get's posted to YouTube. Unbeknownst to them, Taystee, Alison, Black Cindy, and Crazy Eyes are only following Judy in order to get a picture to sell to the tabloids. Yoga Jones uses Judy's influence for her own benefit. 

Aleida gives up on her GED, which pisses off Daya. But an encounter with Judy King leads her to a possible profession -- nail aesthetician.

Orange is the New Black
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Orange is the New Black Season 4 Episode 7 Quotes

Aleida: They tell you to get the GED like it's gonna change anything. How's a GED gonna make me not a felon?
Gloria: It show's you're making an effort.
Aleida: Yeah, and I go from unemployable to unemployable with a pat on my back.

I don't think racism should be a group activity. It's private.