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Nichols has remained sober in maximum, but she is deeply unhappy. She struggles to remain sober because drugs are easily accessible as she sees when Stella gets some from a female guard. She manages to see Sophia, who's been trapped in the SHU. She gives her a magazine to occupy her time in solitary. Nichols is horrified to come back to Sophia's cell covered in blood. Later, when Luschek comes to see her, she lashes out at him. This is her breaking point because she finds the guard who gave Stella her drugs and gets heroin in exchange for sexual favors.

Luschek receives angry letters from Nichols, who has been in maximum security. Luschek confides in Judy about his guilt. She tells him to talk to Nichols, but when he does, she just rips into him. Judy makes a call to her lawyer and Nichols is scheduled to be taken out of max and back up the hill. However, her favor comes with a price. Luschek must now take care of Judy, sexually.

With all the "random" searches taking place, Piper worries that the panty business will be exposed. Big Boo points out that if one of Maria's girls get caught, they will pin it on Piper. Piper takes all of her inventory and stashes them underneath Maria's bed. Maria is caught and is most likely going to have 3-5 years put on her existing sentence. Maria confronts Piper and warns her that she isn't going to come back from what she's done. Maria goes back to her crew and tells them they are going to sell drugs now. 

Taystee plays the peacekeeper between Cindy and Alison. Alison has a cell phone and the other girls need a camera to take a picture of Judy to sell for money. Turns out Cindy and Alison bond over they're outrage over Scientology.

Poussey and Soso continue to explore their relationship and open up about their feelings.

Lolly and Healy continue their talks.

Caputo thinks he is going to turn things around by adding classes.


Orange is the New Black
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Orange is the New Black Season 4 Episode 6 Quotes

Nichols: Wow! Are you the symbol for empathy. No, Luschek, things aren't great. Let's see, uh... I'm sober, so that's something. All right, like, uh, intentionally sober, not barely-skating-by sober, for the first time in my life. Um... hardest fuckin' thing I've ever done and, oh yeah, I picked a hell of a time to do it considering that anything you want down here is available to you and less than a foot away at practically all times. Uh, what else, what else? Let me catch you up. I have no family, uh... I am completely alone. I have no friends. And, uh, yeah, yeah! It's all my fault, so thank you for coming all the way down here, and, uh, reminding me of that, while also managing to conveniently clear your own conscience, you know. I fuckin' really appreciate it!
Guard: Hey. Hey.
Nichols: I'm sorry. Uh... hey next time, do me a favor, right, just do it the old-fashioned way and cum all over my face and then leave, okay? Fuck you!

They're people, for Christ's sake. It's our job to take care of these women. Do your fucking job!