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In flashbacks, Suzanne is doing very well at her job as a greeter at a big box store. She's living with her sister, and is excited when she is awarded employee of the month. But when Grace goes away for a weekend with her boyfriend, Suzanne is left on her own. While out at the park, she sees a young boy she knows from the store. She invites him back to her apartment for popsicles, and the play video games. When he wants to go home, she insists that he come back first thing in the morning so they can keep playing. He calls 911 while her back is turned, and she gets upset with him since she doesn't consider there to be any emergency happening. When she tries to stop him from leaving, he gets scared and ends up crawling out on the fire escape, where he falls over the railing.

Piper and Blanca are still on the tables when the alarm goes off about the body found in the garden. While the inmates are in their bunks on lockdown, Taystee advises Crazy Eyes to keep her distance from Maureen. Red, Frieda, Alex, and Piper discuss how to keep the situation under control. When prisoners are pulled for interrogation, those left behind become concerned. Taystee's inquiries about Crazy Eyes are met with disdain from the guard who eventually smashes her watch in an act of cruelty.

Healy leaves the prison, first heading for ice cream, then to a river where he calls his wife, leaving a pathetic voicemail before walking in with the intention of drowning himself. Only his ringing cell phone on the shore stops him. Unfortunately it's not his wife as he hoped, but work. He heads back in, and eventually points out Lolly as the murderer to Piscatella. After finding her hiding in her time machine, Healy escorts her to Psych. 

Caputo also leaves, giving Piscatella and the other guards instructions to not over react and to just keep the prison on lockdown until the FBI arrives the next morning. The new guards show him disrespect while he's speaking. As soon as he's gone, Piscatella orders a list of inmates to be rounded up for interrogation. When Coates objects, pointing out that it's the opposite of what Caputo just order, he's ordered to spend the night out by the garden, securing the crime scene.

Piscatella focuses on Red in his interrogation. In the visitation room, the guards start harassing the inmates. Humphrey pulls a chair out from underneath a sleeping Sankey, then tries to make her fight Crazy Eyes. When she refuses, Maureen volunteers. Crazy Eyes does her best to not fight, but Maureen taunts her until she snaps, beating her ex's face to a pulp. 

Luschek is ordered to keep an eye on Judy King during the lockdown. She invites him and Yoga Jones to do some Molly, and they all end up in a threesome.  

Orange is the New Black
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Orange is the New Black Season 4 Episode 11 Quotes

Hey, hey, no. I was not questioning your methods. All right, I totally respect your badass authority that flies in the face of Caputo's authority.

Luschek [to Piscatella]

So, like, we didn't get to finish dinner, so are we gonna, like, get a second dinner like hobbits or....

Crazy Eyes