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The episode picks up right where season three ended. There are no flashbacks.

Lolly comes to Alex's rescue when she finds Aydin strangling her in the greenhouse. She then helps Alex send "proof" of her death to Kubra. They have to leave Aydin's body in the greenhouse in order to avoid  the guard's notice when the CO's are brought in from Max. Alex wakes Lolly in the middle of the night to bury the body, but Lolly seems confused, and Alex leaves her behind. At the greenhouse, Alex is shocked when Aydin is still alive. With the new guards patrolling nearby, she reluctantly suffocates him. She is so traumatized by her actions that she leaves the body. When she and Lolly return in the morning, Freida is already in the greenhouse. She tells them that their plan to bury him under the floor boards is stupid, and proceeds to instruct them on how to cut up the body before she helps them bury the pieces in the garden -- planting them beneath the young sunflowers.

Piper is fully convinced of her own "gangsta"ness after setting up Stella and getting her sent down to max. Her ego is further inflated when some of the new inmates refer to her as the "jefa," after Flaca relates how cold she is.

Caputo's new hires are (still) completely incompetent. The guards that are brought in from max may be worse though. They know what they're doing, and their abuse of power is even more systematic than we've seen so far. Caputo's crisis management causes him to miss the arrival of Judy King, which garners a call from corporate about giving her special-ish treatment. When Healy arrives to find Judy sleeping in his office on an air mattress, it's clear that Caputo is going to bungle his assignment. 

Maureen convinces Crazy Eyes to run away with her instead of heading back to Litchfield once the guards start to get the situation under control. After walking aimlessly through the woods and making flower crowns, the find a house in the woods. Maureen insists that it's a gingerbread house and Crazy Eyes obligingly licks it, which ends up snapping her out of the fantasy world Maureen would have them live in forever. After an argument about the future, Crazy Eyes runs away, back to the prison. When she gets back, the fence has already been repaired, and she begs Caputo to let her back in. She tells him where to find Maureen.

There are hints throughout that things are only going to get worse at Litchfield: the guards who worry even less about priosner rights than usual, food shortages, Flaca setting Piper up as a target, 

Orange is the New Black
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Orange is the New Black Season 4 Episode 1 Quotes

Lolly: Ooh, what's that?
Alex: Emoji.
Lolly: They got more of those?
Alex: Hmm, yeah. I mean, there's all kinds.
Lolly: Oh, I like the kitty with the heart eyes. [gasps] And the alien! But that's not how aliens really look.

Gina: Jesus, Chapman. A little magic happens around here and you make it all about you, like you made it happen.
Piper: But I did, that's my point. I'm gangsta. Like with an "A" at the end.