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At movie night, Boo and Pennsatucky discuss how they couldn't go through with the rape. Poussey asks Taystee's advice on what to do with Soso.

Taystee, Poussey, and Crazy Eyes go and check on Soso, who isn't dead. They decide to help her.

Flashback: A young Soso practices at the piano as her mother chastises her for cheating and watching TV.

Healy tries to connect with his wife. He gets upset, and suggests she get her own place.

In the showers, Poussey helps Soso vomit. Taystee and the rest agree to keep an eye on her.

Caputo and Pearson are on their way to meet with Pearson Sr. about Sophia. 

Norma's group is losing followers. Leann is the one true believer.

Flaca visits Piper to try and get back in as a panty girl so she can help her mother who is sick. Alex doesn't think it's a good idea to rehire her.

Gloria is feeling guilty about Sofia.

Vinny visits Lorna, but he wants to end things. She proposes with a magazine picture of a ring. He accepts. 

Flashback: at Lorna's first communion, which she thinks is about the dress, not the sacrament.

Gina sits with Red instead of Norma. Leanne thinks she sees Norma in a piece of toast. Norma's followers return.

Taystee and the girls keep Soso awake. Cindy is still trying to convert to Judaism.

Flashback: Janae's father doesn't want her to run track because he thinks it is immodest. She disavows Allah, and he smacks her.

Daya returns. Aledia is mad that she is still upset. Daya eventually thanks her mother for forcing her to keep the baby. 

Caputo is having drinks with Danny & Pearson Sr. They try to focus on Sophia and inmate welfare, but Sr just wants to discuss profit margins. Danny quits. 

Flaca surprises Piper as she's doing business in the library.

Lolly complains about the new guards to Alex -- especially the one who chews a toothpick.

Soso, still out of it, visits Healy. She tells him he is bad at his job. 

Stella gives Piper a tattoo. They end up making out.

Gloria visits Sister Ingalls to make a confession about her guilt over Sophia.

Flashback: Gloria is waiting for a sonogram and her aunt performs a ceremony to ensure the baby is a boy.

The Rabbi is back to visit Cindy, who wants to convert. She gets emotional and convinces him. She needs to bathe in a mikvah to make it official.

Flashback: Young Cindy sneaks food during the dinner prayer and her father calls her a sinner who will go to hell when he catches her.

Healy informs Red that Lorna wants her to be a witness at the wedding. Healy asks her if she thinks he is bad at his job. She tells him that he has helped her.

Piper shows Cal her new tattoo. He fills her in on Neri's fake panties, and that all the money is missing from the account. 

Norma sits behind a shrine. Poussey confronts Norma and Leann, and tell s them about Soso's suicide attempt. 

Pennsatucky tries to dissaude Coates from his sexual advances by saying she's sick, but he persists. She fakes a seizure and wrecks the van.

Caputo and Fig are going at it again. They discuss him taking Danny's job, but he wants to fight for Sophia. She thinks he should take it. 

Flaca and Gloria are arguing in chapel when Piper comes in and accuses Flaca of stealing the money. Gloria comes to Flaca's defense. 

Leanne visits Norma, who throws her out.

After Pennsatucky is removed from van duty, she and Boo rejoice, but realize the problem isn't solved when Maritza introduces herself to Coates.

Flashback: Big Boo electrocutes herself on a microwave, and when the paramedics revive her, she remarks that there is no god.

 Piper confronts Stella about the money.  The panty girls discuss how Piper is weak. 

Lorna and Vinny get married. Healy and Red share a moment. Bell lets them consummate the marriage.

Flashback: A young Healy runs to achurch, and prays for help for his mother. A bum vomits on him.

Piper says goodbye to Stella, who she has set up with contraband she found around the prison.

Caputo tells the COs he has taken Danny's job. They feel betrayed and stage a walkout. 

Alex gets stuck with clean up in the shed, and the new toothpick chewing guard show up -- it's one of Kubra's men. 

Healy returns to his office and finds his wife left him lunch. 

Daya and Aleida aren't allowed in the dorms while the new beds are installed.

At Cesar's apartment, there's a DEA raid. The kids are all taken to child services. 

Piper gives herself an infinity tattoo. 

Judy King arrives at Litchfield, but there is no one to process her.

Two mean arrive and start taking down sections of fence. Norma sees an opening runs for it. Other inmates see her, and follow her out to the lake.

The inmates share significant moments while in the water.

The new beds being installed are bunk beds. Two busloads of new prisoners arrive. 





Orange is the New Black
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Orange is the New Black Season 3 Episode 13 Quotes

I ruined my miracle by getting thrown in the SHU. Which was seriously the worst thing that's ever happened to me. Even counting that time I smoked crack thinking it was meth and then took four shots of Everclear and ate cat poop.


I have a birthmark on my left butt cheek that's shaped like a scarab. Doesn't make me Cleopatra.