Two Shocked Pogues - Outer Banks
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Ward is furious that his house is being searched and he sets out to get rid of the cops.

Unfortunately for him, that's not going to happen.

They have a warrant to search the property.

Ward seemed close to telling the truth to Shoupe, but Rose stopped him.

Rose worried they were done for and Ward said he needed to get to Cameron.

Rose helped him meet his son.

He gave him money and told him to get to Wilmington.

Rafe forced Barry to help him, but in doing so, Barry turned him over to the police in a wild twist.

Topper brought Sarah back to John B and filled him in on everything that happened.

Sarah refused to tell Topper they were married, leading to a big turn.

One of Limbrey's men attacked Pope's dad and the dad said there was a connection between the keys.

Pope went to visit his meemaw who said Denmark Tanner was an ancestor.

Limbrey showed up with her man and tried to attack the teens but John B gave her a fake key.

The Pogues were happy ... until Sarah got a phone call from her father saying the arrest warrant is out there for her dad.

As she rushes home, they realize he's on his yacht.

He confesses to everything as the police arrives and then the yacht blows up,

John B looks happy and Topper comforts Sarah as everyone looks on in horror.

Outer Banks
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Outer Banks Season 2 Episode 6 Quotes

Wheezie: Where's dad?
Sarah: Go inside, and lock the door.

What are you doing, dad? No, no, no, no.