Searching for Meaning - Outer Banks
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The Camerons watch Ward's last video.

Sarah is overcome with grief and leaves. Rafe follows her. She tells him to stay away from her.

He apologizes, but she says they're past that.

Sarah visits John B and quizzes the expression on his face after her dad died.

She says she shouldn't have visited him and that she will leave.

She rushes back to Topper.

The Pogues ponder their next move when they learn that the gold was stolen by the Limbrey family.

Limbrey's men come after the key and threaten to kill all the Pogues.

Pope reluctantly gives it up.

Rafe is shocked when Rose says no details about the accounts were left behind by Ward.

This starts another mystery, but Rafe drops quite the theory when he says he believes his stepmother stole the account details.

He tries to kill her but she fights him off as the door goes.

it's Limbrey asking for the island room and they go upstairs.

At the bonfire Sarah gets close to Topper and John B gets closer to some girl.

Sarah ultimately starts a fight with them both.

Zie breaks up a fight and the other Pogue yells at her.

Sarah returns home and finds the door open and finds that the paper has been ripped off the wall to provide a path to the treasure.


Outer Banks
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Outer Banks Season 2 Episode 7 Quotes

Rafe: Sarah, hey, wait, Sarah. wait. wait. wait. slow down.
(Rafe touches Sarah. She goes after him.)
Sarah: You touch me one more freaking time.
Rafe: We can't keep ignoring each other. Dad wanted us to talk.
Sarah: When I tell you you are the last person I want to talk to, I mean it, Rafe.

Kie: Are you okay?
John B: It's not me I'm worried about.