Kie in Trouble - Outer Banks
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Rose wants the family out of the city.

She goes to extreme measures, even reeling Rafe in.

Rafe works with Limbrey but he turns on her when she kills her goon.

He returns home and hides the body and the cross.

Sarah confronts him and he locks her up.

This does not sit well with Rose, but it later emerges that Rose drugged her to keep her quiet.

Pope fights with Rafe to get the cross, but it's too late.

He calls Kie for some assistance but she says this could be the end of her time in the Outer Banks.

In the end, she helps him, but she knows her time is up.

The gang is worried about how everything will turn out, especially with Sarah kidnapped.

The gang makes a distraction the next morning by blowing things up to sneak on to the boat. Their aim is to save Sarah.

In the end, Sarah wakes up on the boat, steals a knife and prepares to get some answers.

Before she gets anything of note, she's confronted by her father who reveals he cheated death to keep the family safe.

Limbrey prepares the next stage of her plan, leading to a shocking development.

Outer Banks
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Outer Banks Season 2 Episode 9 Quotes

If you're lying, I'll kill you!


Kie: Are you OK?
JJ: 'Sup?

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